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7 Reasons to
Choose Centre
The Centre Commitment is guaranteed.
You will study
abroad, have an internship or research experience, and
graduate in four years—or Centre will provide up to
another year tuition-free.
Centre means value.
Colleges That Change Lives
Centre for having a price tag nearly $10,000 lower than its
peers. Centre ranks No. 30 in the latest
U.S. News
list of
Best Value Schools.
has Centre at No. 22 on its
list of the best values among private colleges.
Centre’s need-based aid and merit scholarship programs
are among the most generous of any top school.
devotes nearly 40 percent of its total annual budget to aid
and scholarships to ensure that it remains accessible.
Centre awards gift-based aid to
students with
demonstrated need.
Nine out of 10 first-year students receive need-based aid
and/or merit scholarships.
They represent a broad range of
financial backgrounds. Many students are pleased to learn
they will pay substantially less than they initially thought.
A Centre degree is worth more.
Outstanding teachers,
students, and facilities, combined with one-on-one
attention, result in a superior education. Centre’s national
reputation provides real advantages in getting good jobs
and into graduate and professional schools.
You will finish on time.
Ninety-seven percent of the Centre
students who graduated in 2013 completed their degree
in four years or less. Check the graduation rate. It’s not a
bargain if you have to pay for an extra semester . . . or more.
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