Centre College Cost & Value Brochure - page 7

Need-based aid is based on a three-way partnership of
the student’s family, Centre College, and the government
(federal and state).
thE FamIly
All colleges start with the assumption that achieving a col-
lege education is a family goal and that each family will do
all it can to commit its financial resources to that goal.
thE CollEgE
Centre provides more than $24 million of its own funds
each year to assist families who can’t meet our full costs.
We want to enroll able students from all backgrounds, and
our nation-leading alumni giving allows us to provide this
statE anD FEDERal govERnmEnt
Both the state and federal governments support higher
education by providing grants and low-interest loans to
students needing assistance.
Understanding Need-
Based Financial Aid
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