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Centre’s Student Financial Planning Office uses informa-
tion from the FAFSA and the Centre Aid Form to deter-
mine your eligibility for various sources of aid. Factors that
affect eligibility for aid include income, assets, family size,
age of parents, and the number of family members
attending college.
FamIly ContRIButIon
The federal analysis of a student’s household financial pic-
ture determines an “expected family contribution” (EFC),
made up of a parent contribution and a student contribu-
tion. The EFC is best understood as a relative measure of
a family’s resources to pay for college. Your EFC may or
may not reflect what your family feels it can afford to pay
for college. However, it does establish a useful and fair
comparative standard to measure a family’s ability to
absorb the cost of college over time.
Because family circumstances may change from year to
year, you will submit a new FAFSA application each year
for a new analysis. If your family circumstances remain
about the same, however, you can expect your aid to
remain about the same level from one year to the next.
Financial Need
nEt pRICE CalCulatoR
For an early indication of how much aid you might
expect to receive, complete the net price calculator at
. It will take about 10 minutes.
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