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applICatIon FoRms
Apply for all state and federal aid funds (grants, loans,
and work-study) and Centre’s own grant program by
filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA). To learn more, go to
Centre requires its own short, supplemental Centre Aid
Form, available at
applICatIon DEaDlInEs
Complete the FAFSA online at
as soon as
possible after January 1. (Some state awards are made
only until funds are depleted.) Centre’s code is 001961.
Submit the Centre Aid Form to Centre’s Student Finan-
cial Planning Office as soon as possible after January 1.
If you complete the financial aid application soon
after January 1, you’ll hear from us by late March.
Keep copies of all materials sent.
Applying for
Need-Based Aid
assIstanCE opEn to all
Some financial assistance is available even if you don’t qualify for need-based aid.
• tuitionpay
offers a 10-month, 11-month, or 12-month interest-free payment
plan. The annual cost to enroll in this plan is $55.
• Federal Direct stafford loans
(unsubsidized) are available to any student who
files a FAFSA. Interest on the loan accrues while enrolled.
• Federal Direct parent loans for undergraduate students (plus)
are available
to parent borrowers. Unlike Perkins Loans and subsidized Stafford Loans,
PLUS borrowers don’t have to show need, although they do undergo a credit
analysis and must file a FAFSA.
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