In order to successfully meet the complex challenges facing society today, Centre provides students with the creative thinking skills needed to develop effective and innovative approaches. Creative thinking is the courage to take risks, the imagination to see connections, the ability to communicate with a diverse audience, and the wisdom to reflect on one’s own actions and intentions.
1. Centre College will support and enhance a campus culture that values and practices creative thinking.
2. Centre College students will develop and understand the habits and skills needed to improve their own process of creative thinking.
3. Centre College students will be able to engage effectively, both individually and collaboratively, with complex challenges.
MISSION STATEMENT: Centre’s mission is to prepare students for lives of learning, leadership, and service.


[VIDEO] Pit firing ceramics teaches students a greater appreciation for making art

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A greener way to make paper white: Centre students participate in chemistry research with environmental applications

With four Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings on campus, grants totaling more than $35,000 from the ...
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Rogers ’17, Scott ’16 help design survey that could impact field of philosophy

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