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Núria Sabaté

Photo of  Núria  Sabaté
Associate Professor of Spanish • Chair of the Spanish Program Spanish Work Sabbatical Work Phone: 859.238.6043

Núria Sabaté joined Centre’s faculty in 2007. She is associate professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies.

She earned a B.A. and M.A. in philology and Romance languages at the Universitat de Lleida in Catalonia and studied abroad in Italy and France. She received an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Hispanic studies from the University of Kentucky.

Sabaté’s interests include 20th-century Latin American literature with a focus on Argentina. She was awarded a NEH grant to participate in a summer seminar in Brazil in 2013.

Email: nuria.sabate-llobera@centre.edu

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Milton Scarborough

Photo of  Milton  Scarborough
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion Emeritus Faculty Work Phone: 859.238.5235

Milton Scarborough is professor emeritus of philosophy and religion at Centre College.

Scarborough is author of Myth and Modernity: Postcritical Reflections (State University of New York Press, 1994). The book evaluates modern hostility to myth and shows its presence in the most sophisticated products of philosophy and science. His book, Comparative Theories of Nonduality: The Search for a Middle Way (Continuum, 2009) uses both phenomenology and Hebrew pre-philosophical ideas to modify Buddhism’s middle way in epistemology and ontology for Western consumption.

In addition to his teaching and scholarly interests in myth and the human imagination, Scarborough has taught world religions, Buddhist thought, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, and phenomenology. He has received study grants and fellowships from the Kentucky Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities. He also writes articles on myth and Buddhist-Christian dialogue.

Scarborough has been active in a wide range of community ventures, volunteering his time for Scouting, Habitat for Humanity, social services agencies, and electoral politics.

A graduate of the University of Mississippi (B.A. in English), Scarborough holds a bachelor of divinity degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Christianity and culture from Duke University.

To read Scarborough’s 2010 “Report from Jurassic Park,” click here.

Email: milton.scarborough@centre.edu

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Daniel Scott

Photo of  Daniel  Scott
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Centre CollegeDivision III Work Olin - 217

Daniel Scott joined the Centre College faculty as assistant professor of chemistry in 2017.

Prior to joining Centre, Scott was an assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at DePauw University for 4 years, a visiting assistant professor of chemistry here at Centre for a year, and postdoctoral scholar in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky as part of the NIH funded Cancer Nanotechnology Training Center. His research interests include the development of new anti-cancer drugs as well as improved nanoparticle delivery systems capable of simultaneously delivering the drug as well as diagnosing and monitoring response the therapy.

Scott earned a B.S. in chemistry from Georgetown College, and a Ph.D. in bioanalytical chemistry from the University of Kentucky.

Email: daniel.scott@centre.edu

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Robert Seebacher

Photo of  Robert  Seebacher
Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Instrumental Programs Centre CollegeDivision I Work Grant Hall - 310

Robert Seebacher joined the Centre College faculty as assistant professor of music and director of instrumental programs in 2017.

Seebacher is music director and conductor of the Johnson City Symphony Orchestra in Tennessee, music director and conductor of the Mobile Symphony Youth Orchestra in Alabama, and assistant conductor for the National Chorale in New York. He has appeared with the Lexington Philharmonic, Youngstown Symphony, Warren Philharmonic and Mobile Symphony orchestras. Seebacher’s previously held positions include director of orchestras and conductor of opera at the University of South Alabama as well as assistant conductor with the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra and Opera Theatre and the Youngstown Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Seebacher served on the faculty of the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts until its elimination by the Department of Education. While in residence there, he conducted opera and taught conducting, music theory and history, as well as French horn. He has conducted numerous all-state and honors orchestras in Kentucky, West Virginia and Alabama. His guest artist collaborations have included those with Chee-Yun, Béla Fleck, Mark O’Connor, Midori, the Canadian Brass, Pablo Sainz Villegas, The Harlem Quartet, Arlo Guthrie, and Lynn Harrell.

Seebacher has participated in training workshops at the Cleveland Institute of Music and the School of Music, Theatre and Dance at the University of Michigan. He conducted the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra as part of their inaugural conducting symposium. His teachers include William B. Slocum, Stephen L. Gage, John Nardolillo, Emily Freeman Brown and Gustav Meier.

Seebacher earned a B.A. in music education from Youngstown State University; an M.M. in orchestral conducting from Bowling Green State University; and a D.M.A. in music arts and orchestral conducting from the University of Kentucky.

Email: robert.seebacher@centre.edu

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Christine Shannon

Photo of  Christine  Shannon
Margaret V. Haggin Professor Emerita of Mathematics and Computer Science Mathematics, Computer Science

Christine Shannon retired in 2016 as emerita professor of mathematics and computer science at Centre College, where she had been honored with her designation as the Haggin Professor of Science since 1997.

A member of the Centre faculty since 1989, Shannon had 17 years of prior college teaching experience and became the first person ever hired at Centre at the rank of full professor. She has served as chair of the Division of Science and Mathematics.

Shannon received a rigorous and classical training in mathematics in her undergraduate and doctoral work, then chose to return for advanced study in computer science. She is interested in applying core mathematics concepts to problem solving using computer science. She has teaching and research interests in applied mathematics, design of algorithms, and programming languages. She regularly collaborates with students in research, including a recent project in programming Lego robots.

Shannon has published articles in academic journals including the Pacific Journal of Mathematics, the Houston Journal of Mathematics, and The Journal of Computers and Graphics.

She is a member of the Mathematical Association of America, who honored her with a 1998 Distinguished Service Award. She is also a member of the American Mathematical Society and the Association for Computing Machinery.

Shannon is a summa cum laude graduate of Marygrove College (B.S.) and holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics from Purdue University, as well as an M.S. in computer science from the University of Kentucky.

Email: christine.shannon@centre.edu

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EXPERT: Systems analysis — Programming language — Women and computing — Applied mathematics — Design of algorithms

A classically trained mathematician who returned to graduate school for advanced study in computer science. Teaching and research interests in systems analysis and operations research, as well as functional analysis, applied mathematics, and the design of algorithms. Regularly collaborates with students in research, including recent project investigating data trees. Articles in academic journals including the Pacific Journal of Mathematics and the Houston Journal of Mathematics.

Shayna Sheinfeld

Photo of  Shayna  Sheinfeld
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion Religion Work Office - Crounse Hall - 438 Work Phone: 859.238.5258

Shayna Sheinfeld joined Centre’s faculty in 2015 as visiting assistant professor of religion. She is a scholar in Second Temple Judaism, Early Christianity, and in Judaism.

Sheinfeld’s research interests include apocalypses (ancient and modern), the afterlives of biblical narratives and themes, especially in popular culture, and historical constructions of ancient Jewish communities.

At Centre, she teaches courses on Jewish and Christian scripture, non-canonical texts, Judaism, apocalypses and dystopian literature, Women in the Ancient World, and martyrdom.

Sheinfeld earned a B.A. in Religious Studies from DePaul University, an M.T.S. with a joint major in Scripture and Interpretation and in Jewish Studies from Harvard Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in Early Judaism at McGill University.


Email: shayna.sheinfeld@centre.edu

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Jamie Shenton

Photo of  Jamie  Shenton
Assistant Professor of Anthropology Centre CollegeDivision II Work Crounse - 436

Jamie Shenton joined the faculty at Centre College as assistant professor of anthropology in 2017.

She is a cultural anthropologist specializing in medical anthropology, gender and sexuality, ethnographic methods, and comparative perspectives on U.S. and world cultures, especially Latin America. Her geographic areas of expertise are lowland South America and highland Central America, and she has spent significant amounts of time conducting fieldwork among indigenous Kichwa peoples (Amazonian Ecuador) and indigenous Maya peoples (Guatemala). Her most recent research explored issues of gender, intergenerational transformation, body image, and social change among indigenous Kichwa women in the Napo Province region of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Other ongoing research projects include productive intersections of contemporary feminist theory and Amazonian ethnographic theoretical paradigms as well as sexual violence on college campuses and questions of awareness and prevention.

Shenton’s teaching areas of interest include cultural anthropology; gender and sexuality; human rights; globalization; disease, healing, and health inequalities; modernity, social change, and indigenous resilience; media studies and popular culture; and body image and eating disorders.

Shenton earned a B.A. in anthropology and sociology and Spanish from Centre College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in anthropology from Vanderbilt University where she taught for nearly three years in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

Email: jamie.shenton@centre.edu
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Ain Simpson

Photo of  Ain  Simpson
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology Centre CollegeDivision III Work Young - 227 Work Phone: 859.238.5335

Ain Simpson graduated with his Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Melbourne (Australia) in August, 2014, where he also taught numerous undergraduate psychology courses. This followed undergraduate degrees in Arts and Music (also at the University of Melbourne).

He recently completed a 3-year postdoc at Ohio University. His Ph.D. research investigated how moral judgments, political ideology, and attitudes toward social issues are shaped by factors pertaining to interpersonal relationships and social-relational cognition. His main research interests are in the psychology of morality, social identity, religion, and intergroup relations. His current research focuses on the psychology of religious belief and how religiosity and science come into conflict. Ongoing research projects include investigations into: intergroup attitudes between religious believers and nonbelievers; lay beliefs about atheism and theism; the cultural-evolutionary landscape of theistic belief; and attitudes toward science.

Email: ain.simpson@centre.edu

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Shana Sippy

Photo of  Shana  Sippy
Visiting Instructor of Religion Centre CollegeDivision II Work Crounse - 439 Work Phone: 859.238.6510

Shana Sippy joined the Centre College faculty in 2017 as visiting instructor of religion.

Sippy earned a masters of theological studies from Harvard Divinity School, and is a Ph.D. candidate in religious studies from Columbia University.

Email: shana.sippy@centre.edu

KatieAnn Skogsberg

Photo of  KatieAnn  Skogsberg
Associate Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience • Physical Therapy Advisor • Chair of Behavioral Neuroscience Program Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience Work Young Hall—216 Work Phone: 859.238.5238

KatieAnn Skogsberg joined Centre’s faculty in 2008. She is an associate professor of psychobiology, and was named a Centre Scholar in 2013.

Before coming to Centre, Skogsberg taught courses in psychology at Northwestern University, where she earned both her M.S. and Ph.D. in psychology: brain, behavior, and cognition.

Her research interests include individual and group differences in visual attention abilities, and the efficacy of behavioral and biofeedback training for enhancing attentional abilities and the remediation of attentional deficits.Her collaborative research focuses on the use of electroencephalography (EEG) to study patterns of brain activity related to attention, and performance on visual attention tasks, specifically the effects of energy drinks on VATs, and also the effects of concussions on VATs. Her work also includes survey research on concussion knowledge and what motivates athletes to return to play after sustaining a concussion. To read more about Skogsberg’s research go to Centre College research on energy drinks creates buzz and Athletes not willing to report concussions, say RICE presentation researchers.

She graduated from Boise State University with a B.A. in theatre arts and a B.S. in psychology, with a biology minor.

Email: katieann.skogsberg@centre.edu

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Iulia Sprinceana

Photo of  Iulia  Sprinceana
Assistant Professor of Spanish Spanish Work Crounse—461 Work Phone: 859.238.5243

Iulia Sprinceana joined Centre as assistant professor of Spanish in 2014.

Her teaching and research interests include Spanish language and culture, 20th and 21st century peninsular Spanish theater, 19th and 21st century peninsular Spanish literature, and performance theory.

She received a B.A. in economics and Spanish from Middlebury College, and a Ph.D. in romance languages and literatures at the University of California in Berkeley.

Email: iulia.sprinceana@centre.edu

Tara Strauch

Photo of  Tara  Strauch
Assistant Professor of History History Work Office: Crounse Hall-422 Work Phone: 859.238.6508

Tara Strauch joined Centre’s faculty in 2015 as assistant professor of history. Her fields of interest include America to 1877, the American Revolution, religious culture, political culture, identity, and the Atlantic world.

She received a B.A. in history and classical languages from The College of Wooster, and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in American history from the University of South Carolina.

Email: tara.strauch@centre.edu

Daniel G. Stroup

Photo of  Daniel G. Stroup
Pierce and Amelia Harrington Lively Professor of Politics and Law • Pre-law Advisor Politics Work Crounse Hall—471 Work Phone: 859.238.5246

Daniel Stroup has taught at Centre College since 1976 and was named the Lively Professor of Government and Law in 2005.

Stroup’s teaching and research interests encompass American political history, the judicial process, the legislative process, and The Civil Rights Movement in America. Along with Professor Bill Garriott, Stroup teaches a unique government course that simulates the U.S. Congress. Centre students have the opportunity to play the roles of congressmen in the House of Representatives, cabinet members, lobbyists or journalists, and one student portrays the President. Stroup also teaches a seminar on the history of The Civil Rights Movement.

Stroup has published articles in journals including Valparaiso Law Review and PS: Political Science and Politics, as well as a segment of The Kentucky Encyclopedia.

Stroup graduated magna cum laude from the University of Dayton (B.A.) and holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in government from the University of Virginia.

In the greater Danville community, he has been active in the parents association of the Danville Montessori School, and Citizens Concerned for Human Relations, a local group that focuses on race relations.

Email: dan.stroup@centre.edu

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EXPERT: American political history — The judicial process — The legislative process — The Civil Rights movement in America — The Supreme Court

Teaching and research interests encompass American political history, the judicial process, the legislative process, and the Civil Rights movement in America. Team teaches (with professor William Garriott) a government course that simulates the U.S. Congress. Has published articles in journals including Valparaiso Law Review and PS: Political Science and Politics, as well as a segment of The Kentucky Encyclopedia.

Christina Svendsen

Photo of  Christina  Svendsen
Visiting Assistant Professor of French and German Centre College Work Crounse Hall—319 Work Phone: 859.238.6503

Christina Svendsen joined the Centre College faculty in 2016 as visiting assistant professor of French and German.

Her research and teaching interests include comparative modernisms, the writings of Walter Benjamin, and the intersection of literary, architectural, and critical theory.

Svendsen earned an A.B. in literature, and an A.M. and Ph.D. in comparative literature from Harvard University, and an M.F.A. in fiction from the University of Virginia.

Email: christina.svendsen@centre.edu

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Ellen Swanson

Photo of  Ellen  Swanson
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mathematics Work Olin Hall—112 Work Phone: 859.238.6065

Ellen Swanson is an assistant professor of mathematics. She joined Centre’s faculty in 2012 and was named a Centre Scholar in 2017. Before coming to Centre, Swanson was a Postdoctoral Associate at Carnegie Mellon University.

Swanson enjoys working with students to see the applicability of mathematics. She has worked with students on projects ranging from mathematically modeling Alzheimer’s Disease to better understanding the development of aneurysms. Her goal is to offer students opportunities to see connections between math and other disciplines.

Swanson graduated summa cum laude from Wittenberg University with a B.S. in mathematics. She earned an M.S. and Ph.D. in applied mathematics from North Carolina State University.

Email: ellen.swanson@centre.edu

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