CONVO: Archaeology in the Modern World


CONVO: Archaeology in the Modern World

Posted by Centre News in Convocations 30 Mar 2017
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Date(s) - 03/30/2017
7:30 pm

Young Hall - Auditorium (Room 113)


Archaeology Matters: The Relevance of Archaeology in the Modern World
The Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar at Centre, Jeremy Sabloff, is the Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Anthropology Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania, and External Professor and Past President of the Santa Fe Institute. Archaeology is not just about the past, but also is quite relevant to the world today. It can fill key gaps in recent history that have been ignored by written records, it can help preserve and conserve the world’s historical heritage, it can strengthen tourism and economic opportunities, it can help build ethnic pride (although this has its dangers, too!), and it can serve modern communities in a variety of ways such as providing expert testimony in land disputes. It also can offer new understandings of waste disposal, homelessness, border crossings, and the use of forensics. Moreover, archaeology’s long time perspective can provide fresh insights into issues such as sustainability, resilience, and adaptation to changing ecological and cultural conditions. While archaeology clearly cannot solve the huge problems facing peoples around the globe, this lecture shows how it can shed some useful light on these problems.