CONVO: Biodiversity Through a Fossil Lens


CONVO: Biodiversity Through a Fossil Lens

Posted by Centre News in Convocations 06 Mar 2017
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Date(s) - 03/06/2017
7:00 pm

Young Hall - Auditorium (Room 113)


Biodiversity Through a Fossil Lens: Why the Future is Full of Rats
Mass extinctions have changed the trajectory of life a number of times over Earth’s history. Dr. James Lamsdell, paleobiologist at West Virginia University, will share insights on these events gleaned from the 520-million-year fossil record. Combining detective work with exquisite evidence of fantastic beasts lost to history, Lamsdell investigates these periods of time when large numbers of plants and animals on Earth have gone extinct. The causes of these mass extinctions are, in many ways, similar to many issues we see threatening nature today – habitat destruction, climate change, ocean acidification, and invasive species. Through exploring the extraordinary events of the past, we can recognize similar patterns today, and predict how life will be changed by our own extraordinary times.