Faculty feature latest work at Professional Recognition Reception

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Professional Recognition Reception Fall 2015Lifelong learning is a central focus for Centre College’s students and faculty. Professors at the College are innovative, taking risks and bolstering their own development by refining their teaching methods, participating in Faculty Learning Communities, engaging in their own research and translating that enthusiasm into the classroom.

Professors whose work has been recognized through publication, performance or juried exhibits are honored in the Fall and Spring terms during Professional Recognition Receptions. The purpose of these events is to congratulate colleagues on their accomplishments in the area of scholarship and creativity and to hear a little about their work. The format includes time for informal congratulations and conversation, as well as five-minute presentations from each of the honorees.

On Sept. 15 the following faculty members will be recognized for their work in biology, English, history, mathematics, sociology and Spanish.

Sara Egge, Assistant Professor of History

Sara Egge, “‘Strewn Knee Deep in Literature’: the Material Analysis of Print Literature and Woman Suffrage,” Agricultural History 88.3 (Fall 2014): 591-605.

Stacey Peebles, Assistant Professor of English

Peebles, Stacey, ed. Violence in Literature. Critical Insights series. Ipswich, MA: Salem Press, 2014. 300 pp.

Peebles, Stacey. “Lenses into War: Digital Vérité in Iraq War Films.” The Philosophy of War Films. Ed. David LaRocca. The University Press of Kentucky, 2014. 133-154.

Peebles, Stacey, ed. The Cormac McCarthy Journal. Volume 12, 2014. 108 pp.

Nuria Sabate-Llobera, Associate Professor of Spanish

Sabaté-Llobera, N. “Grappling with Violence in Latin America” Critical Insights. Violence in Literature. Ed. Stacey Peebles. Salem Press. 2014

Philip White, Professor of English

White, P. “Street Violence and Youth in Romeo and Juliet” in Critical Insights: Violence and Literature. Ed. Stacey Peebles. Ipswich, MA: Salem, 2014.

Lesley Wiglesworth, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Andre E. Kezdy and Lesley W. Wiglesworth (2014). Unit Stack Visibility Graphs. The Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, 88. pp. 95-110.

Kaelyn Wiles, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Cox, Elizabeth D., Katie A. Fritz, Kristofer W. Hansen, Roger L. Brown, Victoria Rajamanickam, Kaelyn E. Wiles, Bryan H. Fate, Henry N. Young, and Megan A. Moreno. “Development and Validation of PRISM: A Survey Tool to Identify Diabetes Self-Management Barriers.” Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 104, no. 1 (April 2014): 126–35. doi:10.1016/j.diabres.2014.01.015.

Jessica Wooten, Assistant Professor of Biology

Sullivan, Brian K., Wooten, Jessica, Schwaner, Terry D., Sullivan, Keith O., and Mizuki Takahashi. 2015. Thirty Years of Hybridization between Toads along the Agua Fria River in Arizona: I. Evidence from Morphology and mtDNA. Journal of Herpetology 49(1): 150-156.

by Elise L. Murrell
September 15, 2015