Love, Layoffs, and Liberal Arts: Why Centre Grads Are the Happiest (Most of the Time)

Posted by Centre News in Alumni, News 17 Oct 2013

boswell_blogRecently, my phone’s message light blinked green-green-green above an impossibility: a message from my 20-year-old nephew, Hunter. And not his usual grunt response to some sports story I texted him:

—”Tom Brady just threw a touchdown so hard the CHEERLEADERS CAUGHT FIRE!!!”

No, this was, like, full sentences. He was going on a Kenyan mission trip, with a stopover in London. He knew I had studied there during my Centre days and wanted to know what sites to squeeze in.

So I advised him on key landmarks: Big Ben, Parliament, Piccadilly Circus’ neon thrum. But I realized that my happiest London memories weren’t those famous places, but the tiny moments, the ones you don’t scratch into a travel journal. You’re not having tea with the queen; you’re sitting in the dorm room window with your roommate Lynn, swinging your feet and feeding the geese below with crust from the all-you-can-eat buffet pizza you pilfered under your jackets because you’re so Pound-poor.

Yet that window is where you become best friends, even today.

My Centre career as a whole was much the same. Of course I enjoyed my classes—even edified my shipmates with a dormant lode of Humanities training on Ionic columns during a recent Greece trip (you are welcome!).
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By Laura Boswell ’94

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