Wind Ensemble and Orchestra Rehearsal Schedules


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Wind Ensemble and Orchestra Rehearsal Schedules

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The votes are in, and the winner of the T-Shirt design contest is Lena Jewler!! The design looks great and you can check it out and order a shirt by following this link:

We need at least 30 people to order shirts for the order to go through, so make sure to buy a shirt if you’re interested! The price will go down as more people purchase shirts, so talk your friends into buying them, or order an extra for a family member! Keep in mind, the link closes on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15TH, which is the Wednesday before spring break, so make sure you don’t miss the deadline.

Thanks for all of your participation throughout the t-shirt design contest, we can’t wait to see everyone rocking these tees around campus! If you didn’t have the opportunity to submit a design this year, keep an eye out for next year’s contest during CentreTerm.

On Monday March 13 Centre will be hosting Christopher Hutton, a wonderful cellist from Furman University who will be performing a program entitled “Reflecting Bach.”  The program will consist of some of Bach’s transcendent solo cello suites along with more recent pieces inspired by them.  I’m sure you and your students would be interested.  Hutton is also the cellist for the Poinsett Piano Trio, and this is likely to be an excellent performance.  The press release is below. The concert will be in Weisiger Theater at 7:30pm.

Rehearsal Schedules

Note – Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are available at rehearsals. Please bring reusable mugs to reduce waste.

Tuesday, March 14

Wind Ensemble, 5pm-6pm





Orchestra, 7.30pm-9pm

7.30pm-9pm – Schubert Symphony, movements 1 and 2


Thursday, March 16

Wind Ensemble, 5pm-6pm

Pursuit of the Centaur

Anglesey Seascapes


Orchestra, 7.30pm-9pm

7.30pm-8pm – Schubert, Symphony No. 5, movements 3 and 4

8pm – 8.30pm – violin sectional

8.30pm-9pm – Schubert, Serenade for violin and string quartet