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Don’t let a narrow education limit your career choices. Our broad
general requirements ensure you’ll develop the versatility needed to
succeed in today’s rapidly changing work environment. During your
first two years, you’ll explore a wide variety of courses and subjects.
As a junior and senior, you’ll focus on your major(s) and minor(s).
And no matter what major or first job you choose, our liberal arts
focus means you’ll develop the essential critical thinking and writing
skills to keep you nimble in the world of work.
Choose from courses in 46 disciplines. We have no large lecture
classes. Most upper-level courses have no more than 15 students,
and the normal maximum class size is 30. (Your professor will know
you.) We offer 27 majors and 34 minors. Or design your own in
consultation with your advisor.
CentreTerm means focus . . . and fun. Students take one intense
class during the 22 days of CentreTerm. The class might be on
campus (exploring such topics as “Theology of Harry Potter” or
“Economics of Thoroughbreds”), off-campus (in one of a number of
countries), or an internship. First-year students take special seminars
just for them. Recent options have included “Politics and Journalism
in the Age of Social Media,” “Islam in America,” and “Rainmaking,”
a class on leadership taught by President John Roush every other
year. (Upperclass students can take the class in alternate years.)
Area Studies
Focus on a region from an
interdisciplinary perspective.
• African & African American
Studies (minor)
• Asian Studies (minor)
• Classical Studies (major/
• European Studies (minor)
• German Studies (major/minor)
• Latin American Studies (minor)
Related Global Studies
• Global Commerce (minor)
• International Studies (major/
• Linguistics (minor)
Pick a Language
• Chinese (Mandarin)
• French
• German
• Greek (Ancient)
• Greek (New Testament)
• Hebrew (Biblical)
• Japanese
• Latin
• Spanish
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