20 Questions with Director of Leadership Gifts Caty Mercer McCormick ’02

1. Position at Centre?
Director of Leadership Gifts.
2. Where did you grow up (and describe the place in one phrase or sentence)?
I was born in Mississippi, but we moved to Louisville when I was six months old. When I was in the third grade we moved to Ft. Thomas, Ky., but then moved back to Louisville my sophomore year of high school. So I consider both Northern Kentucky and Louisville my childhood homes.
3. What are your hobbies?
Besides spending time with my three-year-old son, Jackson, I also love to travel.
4. What is your dream vacation?
5. Favorite artist and/or work of art?
I have two: Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollack.
6. Favorite novel or poem? 
ee cummings’ “I carry your heart with me.”
7. Favorite sport (to watch or play)? 
I’m not very interested in watching sports on TV, but I love going to live games—basketball and baseball games are my favorite to attend.
8. Favorite TV show?
This is a toss-up among “Entourage,” “Adventure Time” and “How I Met Your Mother.”
9. Favorite album? 
The soundtrack to the movie “Garden State.”
10. Favorite holiday? 
We visit my family in Mississippi almost every Thanksgiving. I don’t get to see them much, but I adore them. So Thanksgiving is always a fun time for me.
11. Favorite food?
Tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and French bread.
12. Most prized possession? 
If my son can be defined as my possession, then the answer is a simple one. As far as inanimate objects are concerned, my favorite possessions are my photo albums.
13. Three people, living or deceased, whom you’d invite to the same dinner party?
Warren Buffet—he would be an amazing addition to any conversation; Richard Nixon—I would ask him “What in the world were you thinking?”; and Marilyn Monroe—because, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to meet Marilyn Monroe?
14. Favorite aspect of your job? 
Meeting with alums, parents and Centre “fans” throughout the country.
15. Most memorable experience of your youth?
Singing on stage at Carnegie Hall my senior year of high school.
16. What would you be doing if you weren’t working at Centre? 
I’d be a surfing instructor in Hawaii. Or I’d be working in downtown Louisville. It’s a bit of a toss-up.
17. Educational experience that’s been most helpful to you? 
The semester I spent in Centre’s Strasbourg program is not only my most meaningful educational experience, but was one of the best times of my life.
18. Fictional character in whose shoes you’d love to spend a day? 
Beatrix Kiddo.
19. Favorite place on campus (and why)?
This is a hard choice for me because I fell in love with the campus the minute I saw the gorgeous buildings and the manicured landscape. So my answer is, “All of it!”
20. Advice you’d give to a first-year college student to make success more likely?
Try to study in the library more often than in the fraternity houses.

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