2011 RecycleMania gets underway on campus

RecycleMania is back!
As it does each year, Centre College is competing in this nationwide, friendly competition, which provides college and university recycling programs with a “fun, proactive activity in waste reduction.”
Held for a 10-week period, the contest enables schools to compete to see who can collect the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables or the least amount of trash per capita. There is also a prize for the institution with the highest recycling rate.
“Colleges and universities are small cities that consume large amounts of resources and generate much solid waste,” the RecycleMania founders say. “Whether a school has an extensive waste reduction program or is just getting basic recycling collections off the ground, experience has shown that all schools have potential to further reduce the amount of resources they consume and dispose of…Participation in the competition familiarizes students with a campus’s environmental programs and hopefully instills in them a lifelong habit.”
Past surveys have indicated that nearly 80 percent of schools competing in RecycleMania experienced a noticeable increase in recycling collection during the competition.
This year, more than 630 colleges and universities—representing six million students and more than 1.5 million faculty and staff members—are participating in the competition.
RecycleMania was created in 2001 and has grown in popularity each year—for the first eight years, in fact, participation doubled each year.
Last year, under the leadership of Centre’s recycling coordinator, Cheryl Coulter, the College recycled more than 10 tons of waste. In the one category in which Centre competed—the Per Capita Classic—the College was No. 1 among all participating Kentucky institutions.

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