2012 “Fiske Guide to Colleges” calls Centre College “certainly the best”

Centre College has again received high-praise in the 2012 “Fiske Guide to Colleges.” This year’s edition commends the College for exceptional academic programs, especially art, design and drama, along with perennial bests, including biology, government, history, economics, English and anthropology and sociology.
Published by Edward B. Fiske, a former education editor for the New York Times, the “Fiske Guide to Colleges” is a selective, subjective and systematic look at about 300 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and Great Britain.
Like entries for past years, the 2012 “Fiske Guide to Colleges” praises Centre for its “unparalleled closeness between students and faculty,” noting that the College is “the only independent school in Kentucky with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter” and “has produced two-thirds of the state’s Rhodes Scholars over the last 40 years.”
But this year, the guide designates Centre as both a small college strong in art and design and a small college strong in drama. It specifically mentions the fully-equipped Jones Visual Arts Center, which houses one of the few glassblowing facilities in the nation that undergraduates can utilize to pursue their studies.
In addition to the strong academic character of the College, the guide also touts Centre’s study abroad program, which ranks second in the nation. Eighty-five percent of Centre’s students study abroad — a key component of the Centre Commitment, which guarantees students an academic internship, study abroad experience and a degree in four years.
“If students stay on track but need more time,” the guide says, “Centre will pay for the fifth year — something it has not yet had to do.”
But the guide is also quick to point out that campus involvement and spirit of community make Centre an attractive choice.
“Its liberal arts focus means that despite Centre’s Southern location, students are progressive, intellectual and perhaps more well-rounded than their peers at neighboring schools,” the guide says.
Centre College is the only Kentucky private college mentioned in the 2012 “Fiske Guide to Colleges.” To find out more about the guide, visit www.fiskeguide.com.

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