2012 RICE Symposium begins April 12

Centre’s annual Research, Internships and Creative Endeavors (RICE) Symposium will take place Thursday, April 12 through Saturday, April 14.

Jason Neiser, assistant professor of physics and co-chair of the RICE Symposium, is proud that this year’s presentations are varied and diverse. Topics range from computer-animated imagery (CGI) and popular culture to chemistry experiments and studies in mathematics to examinations of art and literature to Centre’s own history.

“One thing that I have seen in just putting together the sessions is that we’re very-well represented across divisions,” Neiser says. “If a visitor to campus happened to stop in for RICE, they would not get the impression that this is a science-driven or humanities-only institution. They’d see presentations that span across the curriculum.”

Beginning on April 12, students will give more than 70 oral presentations and more than 25 poster presentations. With a truncated class schedule that day, everyone will be able to attend the oral presentations in Young Hall throughout the afternoon and the poster presentations in the lobby of the Norton Center for the Arts. An exhibit of student artwork will also be on display in the Jones Visual Arts Center on Friday, April 13.

The 2012 John C. Young Scholars will also be presenting their research from the past year throughout the day on Saturday, April 14 in Young 113.

“The best thing about RICE is when students get to present work that they have created themselves,” Neiser says. “Students are authoring new knowledge, and when I go to a talk, I like to see the spark in a student’s eye that comes from knowing that they’ve done something that no one else has done. The Centre community should attend for that reason: those who aren’t presenting may be inspired by their peers to contribute next year, or get excited about learning outside of the classroom.”

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