2014 Alumni College: Take the Class You’ve Always Wanted at Centre

Centre’s 2014 Alumni College will take place July 17-20 with the intriguing title “Take the Class You’ve Always Wanted.”
The all-star faculty line-up features eight current and emeriti faculty celebrities, including legendary political philosopher Larry Matheny and Mark Lucas, CASE Kentucky’s 2013 Professor of the Year.
The weekend will also feature a performance of The Wonder Team, a new play at Pioneer Playhouse about Centre’s renowned 1921 football team, along with a panel discussion led by the playwright, Robby Henson.
Stephen Rolfe Powell will give a glassblowing demonstration and lecture.
“Larry Matheny’s sonorous tones, Mark Lucas’s Walden cabin, Steve Powell’s dazzling glass, C6 H0 coming alive again under the stars: could there be a better way to spend a midsummer night’s (and day’s) dream?” queries Milton Reigelman, Director of the Center for Global Citizenship, who will give a brief talk, “Hip Shakers,” before leading the group to a special dinner at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.
“One thing that will surprise returning alumni is the new Danville culinary scene,” Reigelman adds.” The Alumni College includes a special lunch at V-the Market (“the bar next to the old Freddie’s that captivated Yo-Yo Ma,” he notes), a reinvigorated menu at Shaker Village (“even the Shaker lemon pie has been improved”) and a Kentucky Pride dinner at Pioneer Playhouse.
Participants will select classes from the list below.
Beth Glazier-McDonald (Associate Dean and Stodghill Professor of Religion): Who Is that Masked Man: Moral Ambiguity in Biblical Narratives.
Mark Lucas (Jobson Professor of English): Walden in Thoreau’s Cabin.
Larry Matheny (Harlan Professor Emeritus of Government): A Gulliver Eye: The Houyhnhnms, the Yahoos and Us.
Eric Mount (Rodes Professor Emeritus of Religion): American Individualism and the Common Good: Can We Talk?
Charles Vahlkamp (Professor Emeritus of French): Why Casablanca? and a screening of the film.
Roberta White (Luellen Professor Emerita of English): W.B. Yeats and Seamus Heaney: Irish Nobel Prizewinners and Violence.
To register or to see the complete Centre Alumni College schedule of activities, click here.
by Diane Johnson

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