2015 Fiske Guide to Colleges recognizes Centre as “certainly the best”

campuscenterCentre College once again received high acclaim from the bestselling “Fiske Guide to Colleges,” as the annual review named Centre among the best 300 colleges in the nation and unrivaled as the top institution of higher education in the Commonwealth.
Compiled by the former New York Times education editor Edward B. Fiske, the guide is regarded as one of the “most trusted” college-selection resources, providing a systematic, subjective and selective look at more than 300 colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.
In the guide, Fiske lauds Centre as “certainly the best” among all colleges and universities in Kentucky, further touting the College’s reputation for academic excellence with a nod to Centre’s prominent share of the state’s Rhodes scholars and its position as one of only two schools in the Commonwealth with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter.
Moreover, Fiske praised the “unparalleled closeness between students and faculty,” pointing to the College’s intensely personal and deeply engaging environment for which the school is nationally recognized. With a 10:1 student to faculty ratio, Centre’s academic climate is described in the guide by one senior as “challenging, but incredibly supportive,” a setting that fosters meaningful connections between students and professors that extend beyond the classroom.
The College’s academic rigor is complemented by a highly collaborative culture, providing Centre students with opportunities to delve deep into their academic interests and engage in a variety of academic endeavors. Fiske cites the Centre Commitment as evidence of this well-balanced education, as the student guarantee promises graduation in four years, a research or internship experience and a study abroad opportunity.
Centre received especially high praise for its “robust study abroad program,” with the guide citing the 85 percent of students engaged in international study across the globe. Centre offers 10 long-term, residential programs in eight different countries, as well as a variety of shorter programs during the three-week CentreTerm in January.
In addition, Fiske characterized Centre as a “college the way it used to be,” with a strong emphasis on tradition and a close-knit community, due in part to the highly residential campus. One first-year student is quoted for his fitting description of Centre students as “versatile, athletic, intelligent, ambitious and skeptical of the status quo.”
Utlimately, Fiske concludes Centre’s profile with further evidence of the College’s focus on personal education, citing Centre’s “safe, bucolic campus, emphasis on academic excellence, and faculty and students who care about forming lasting friendships with each other.”
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by Amy Clark Wise 

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