Board of Trustees



The Centre College Board of Trustees elected two new members at its fall 2017 meeting.

Jennie Peaslack Carlson and Sandra Frazier will be sworn in at the January 2018 meeting in Louisville by board secretary Crit Luallen ’74 and serve six-year terms. Read more…


Centre College is controlled by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees, divided into six annual classes of not more than six persons.

The Board of Trustees

The presiding officer of the Board of Trustees is the chair of the Board, elected annually. The president of the College is the executive officer of the Board and the chief executive officer of the College.

Officers of the Board of Trustees

Mark E. Nunnelly: Chair of the Board
James C. Seabury, III: Vice Chair of the Board
Crit Luallen: Secretary of the Board
John A. Roush: President of the College
Yvonne York Morley: Assistant Secretary of the Board


Class of 2018

Anita M. Britton
Britton Johnson, PLLC
Versailles, Kentucky


Sheila A. Burks
Corporate Counsel, OFS Fitel, LLC
Norcross, Georgia


Angie M. Evans
Manager, Corporate Responsibility, LG&E and KU Energy, LLC
Louisville, Kentucky


Kenneth J. Mardick
President, M3 Resources USA
Birmingham, Alabama


Richard T. Riney
General Counsel at Ventas, Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky


Lee Tatum
Vice President, Brown-Forman
Louisville, Kentucky

Class of 2019

Benjamin J. Beaton
Attorney, Sidley Austin
Washington, DC


William S. Bowmer III
Managing Director, Lincoln International, LLC
Palo Alto, California


Robert L. Elliott
Partner, Houlihan, Elliott, Hinkle Dispute Resolution PLLC
Lexington, Kentucky


G. Watts Humphrey, Jr.
President, GWH Holdings, Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Tao Le
Louisville, Kentucky


Brian Mefford
CEO / Founder, CNX
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Class of 2020

Jess Correll
President and Chairman, First Southern Bancorp
Stanford, Kentucky


Craig M. Hille
Managing Director, Juggernaut Capital Partners
Cabin John, Maryland


Lea Stromire Johnson
Attorney, Moore and VanAllen
Charlotte, North Carolina


Daryll W. Martin
President, Percipient Resources
Pittsboro, North Carolina


Thomas H. Meeker
President and CEO, Retired, Churchill Downs Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky


Kevin D. Taylor
Madison, Wisconsin

Class of 2021

Thomas R. Baeker
Owner and Founder, Ambrabev, LLC
Danville, Kentucky


Jennie Carlson
Executive Vice President, US Bancorp
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Crit Luallen
Frankfort, Kentucky


John H. Newman
Naples, Florida


James C. Seabury, III
Enterprise Solutions
Nashville, Tennessee


James A. Smith
St. Charles, Illinois

Class of 2022

Greg W. Caudill
CEO, Farmers National Bank
Danville, Kentucky


Paul W. Chellgren
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Barb Emler
Pediatric Dentist
Lexington, Kentucky


Beth Klein
Officer and Administrator, Klein Family Foundation
Louisville, Kentucky


Jeffrey L. Mackin
Chairman and General Counsel, Interlock Industries, Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky


Eddy Roberts, Jr.
Louisville, Kentucky

Class of 2023

John R. Barton
Lexington, Kentucky


Rutheford B. Campbell
Professor of Law, University Of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky


Sandra Frazier
CEO, Tandem Public Relations


Mark E. Nunnelly
Director of the State of Massachusetts IT
Boston, Massachusetts


Peggy Purdom Patterson
U.S. Magistrate Judge, Retired, U.S. District Court
Eastern District Of Kentucky
Prospect, Kentucky


George W. Privett, Jr.
Lexington, Kentucky

Life Trustees

Robert T. Brockman
The Reynolds and Reynolds Co.
Houston, Texas


J. David Grissom
Chairman, Mayfair Capital
Louisville, Kentucky


Randal B. Kell
The Mark Winkler Company
Alexandria, Virginia


Nelson D. Rodes, Jr..
Chairman of the Board, Retired, Farmers National Bank of Danville
Danville, Kentucky

Trustees Emeriti

Joanne K. Duncan
Inez, Kentucky


Richard L. Frymire
Madisonville, Kentucky


Elizabeth T. Kennan
Danville, Kentucky


John W. Landrum
Harrodsburg, Kentucky


Charles J. Luellen
Austin, Texas


Joseph H. Patterson
Charlotte, North Carolina


Lillian H. Press
Lexington, Kentucky


James M. Ratcliffe
Louisville, Kentucky


James L. Rogers III
Vero Beach, Florida


James D. Rouse
Versailles, Kentucky


Jane L. Stevenson
Owensboro, Kentucky


Margaret A. Stroup
Melbourne, Florida