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In the summer of 2018, Centre is offering several options for study around the world. As we do each summer, we offer a program in Strasbourg that runs for three weeks immediately following Commencement. Other summer 2018 abroad options include the popular program in Barbados and a new program in the Czech Republic.

In addition, three Centre faculty members will lead and/or teach students this summer in Kentucky Institute for International Studies (K.I.I.S.) programs. And there are more than 20 additional K.I.I.S. programs in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Summer 2018 Programs

France: Early Summer Strasbourg Program

Art, Alchemy and Artillery in Alsace (HUM 250)
May 21—June 11, 2018
This course will focus on historical issues of France and Germany from the Franco-Prussian War to World War II, investigated through the lenses of art history and science/technology. One theme of the course will be the development of painting from the 1860’s to the 1940’s, including Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, and Geometric Abstraction. Experiences will include field trips in Alsace, Germany, and a free travel weekend; the course culminates with a trip to Paris. Apply by Feb. 6 to Kyle Anderson in the Center for Global Citizenship. The cost including air travel is $2800. $500 non-refundable payment due by Feb. 27, and the remaining $2300 due by May 1.

Barbados: Primate Research

Research in Primate Behavior (BNS 450)
May 30—June 20, 2018
This course offers students the opportunity to study feral monkeys in their natural habitat. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the behavior of green monkeys; develop proficiency in the methods and data analysis techniques commonly used in field research; gain an appreciation for the rich culture, history, and ecology of Barbados, especially as each relates to green monkeys; and identify ways to improve or sustain the deteriorating natural habitat of the green monkeys. Throughout the course, students will conduct field observations of the monkeys during the day and review book chapters and articles as the basis for discussion during class meetings. After familiarizing themselves with the behavior of the monkeys, students will develop a research question, collect appropriate behavioral data, conduct statistical analyses, and present their findings. No pre-requisites. Directed by Profs. Melissa Burns-Cusato and Brian Cusato. For more information, see one of the directors. Applications due Feb. 6; $500 deposit due Wednesday, March 1; the balance is due Wednesday, April 5. Estimated cost: $3000 (does not include airfare). APPLICATIONS DUE February 6, 2018.

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Czech Republic: Teaching English Abroad

Tentatively May 22—June 10
Within a community-based framework, students will observe and analyze another culture from the inside. In response to specifically framed journal questions, students will have the opportunity to enhance their critical thinking skills and written communication. Collaboratively, students will choose content topics of focus and develop hands-on activities that address appropriate curricular objectives. Students’ culminating work will be the implementation of their activities in a rural Czech Republic school. In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn about the culture as they interact with family members in their homestays, teach outside the city of Prague, and tour local/regional sites. Directed by Prof. Sarah Murray. Estimated cost: $3900

Study Away in Beaufort, South Carolina

By Land and Sea, From Slavery to Freedom: Civil War and Reconstruction
May 15—June 2, 2018
The intensive, full-credit course (AMST 371) commences on May 15 in Beaufort. Guided by Sewanee instructors in this beautiful coastal city, students will immerse themselves in the rich historical landscape of the region, from archaeological sites dating from the sixteenth-century European imperial conquest to the pioneering experiments of abolitionists. The course pays special attention to the lives of those impacted by these momentous events and to the ability of indigenous cultures to sustain themselves under adverse of circumstances. It includes numerous field expeditions to historical sites and meetings with local experts. Led by Sewanee University’s Dr. John McCardell, Dr. Woody Register, and Dr. Sarah Sherwood. See Centre professor Sara Egge for more details. Cost: $3500 (plus transportation to Beaufort)

The K.I.I.S. program in Argentina

(Earn up to six academic credit hours of Economics and/or Political Science)
May 30-June 28
The Argentina program provides students with an opportunity to explore the landscapes and culture of one of the largest and most diverse Spanish-speaking countries in the world. A land of contrasts from the Andes mountains to the bustling port city of Buenos Aires, Argentina embodies the richness of both South American and European cultures. All courses are designed to make Argentina the focus of discussion through hands-on learning opportunities; students will also benefit from a number of guest lectures by local Argentine experts, including the opportunity to discuss and debate contemporary issues with Argentine students. No Spanish is required. Cost: $3750 plus airfare. See Centre economics professor Marie Petkus for more details. (Scholarships available! See for more info.)

The K.I.I.S. program in Costa Rica

(Earn up to six academic credit hours of Spanish, Latin American Studies, and Education, or Leadership Studies)
May 30-June 27
Costa Rica offers students a challenging academic experience with travel through breathtaking scenery, immense biodiversity, culturally immersive homestays, and a variety of unique excursions. The program begins at Arenal Volcano and ends in the capital of San José. In between, students live with local families in the small towns of La Paz de San Ramón and San Marcos de Tarrazú and visit Corcovado National Park along the country’s Pacific coast. Note: Several excursions are physically strenuous and require hiking in heat and humidity. All meals, housing, transportation, and airfare included. No Spanish is required for this program. Cost: $3575 plus airfare. See Centre Spanish professor Willie Costley for more details.(Scholarships available! See for more info.)

The K.I.I.S. program in Salzburg

(Earn up to six academic credit hours in music and drama-related courses as well as more general literature-based courses)
May 23-June 26
Since 1990, the KIIS summer program in Salzburg, Austria has offered students a unique opportunity to study, practice, and perform music in this beautiful European city. Birthplace of Mozart and home to the world famous Mozarteum, Salzburg has long been renowned as an international and historical music center. Students with an interest in music or the dramatic arts can study music-specific courses and theatre-music crossover courses as well as non-discipline specific courses taught by Dr. Yvonne Douthat-Harthinger of the Mozarteum. Like all visitors to Salzburg, KIIS students enjoy free entry to concerts, recitals, and masterclasses at the Mozarteum and other venues. Students also gain access to some spaces that are usually off-limits to regular tourists, and will have the opportunity to visit, explore, and, in some instances, perform in some of these hallowed venues. All courses are taught in English and are geared towards music and theatre majors, although students from all disciplines are welcome. Cost: $4425 plus airfare. See Centre music professor Johann Van Niekerk for more details. (Scholarships available! See for more info.)