Centre Sustainability News

Solar panel project grows with additional campus supportA solar panel installation project on Centre College’s campus has gotten a big boost. The plan that started with a...
High Efficiency Dorm RefrigeratorsCentre is extremely proud of its student initiated projects that promote sustainability and energy savings. One project is the community...

Centre College is committed to sustainability, environmentally friendly practices, and energy conservation.

From student organizations to the President’s Climate Commitment Advisory Committee (PCCAC), members of the Centre community are united in their desire to reduce their environmental footprint. We are currently involved in recycling and energy reduction initiatives, greenhouse gas mitigation policies and programs, and construction projects that result in beautifully functional, environmentally friendly buildings.

Centre’s Sustainability Pledge

Acknowledging Centre College’s Statement of Purpose “to prepare students for lives of learning, leadership, and service,” the College is committed to environmental sustainability. We recognize the fragility of our planet and therefore our responsibility to account for the wasteful consumption and effects of human behavior that compromise the environment for all living things, and negatively affect the economy, health, and overall quality of human life. We seek climate neutrality through appropriate behavior and decisions and are determined to actively fulfill our responsibility as a signee of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment. The College shall seek new ways to capitalize on the intelligence, wisdom and creativity within our community, and where necessary, seek outside help and resources. To accomplish these goals, the College will continue to prepare our faculty, staff, and students to be global citizens, promoting responsibility and awareness through education and practice at Centre and beyond.