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Social workers help people through individual assistance, advocacy for causes, and agencies serving whole populations. The social work profession has a strong ethical core that emphasizes social justice.

Social work includes careers in government agencies helping families, protecting children and other vulnerable people.

Clinical social workers work with individuals, married couples, and whole families to help them function better. School social workers help students deal with issues at home that impede their success in school. Hospitals and the military employ many social workers. Non-profit organizations and government agencies that deal with large-scale issues of social welfare employ social workers, especially when dealing with populations from minority cultures.

Popular majors for social work students are sociology and psychology, but any liberal arts field can be good preparation. Centre’s pre-social work advising emphasizes planning for a career in helping others, from front-line assistance to those in immediate need, to running agencies that serve the whole nation, and everything in between.

Pre-social work students should consult with faculty advisor Professor Beau Weston.



Government Agencies
• Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services – Protection Training Specialist
• Kentucky Legislative Research Commission – Project Manager
• Veterans Affairs Clinic – Clinical Social Worker
• Colorado Division of Youth Corrections – Regional Program Director
• Boyle County Health Department – Director of Public Health

Private Practice
• Private Practice Psychotherapist (in Arkansas)
• Senior Partner in a Counseling and Mediation Company (in Oklahoma)
• Child and Family Psychotherapist (in Cincinnati)

• University of Alabama School of Social Work – Professor of Mental Health
• University of Kentucky Work Life Office – Coordinator of Work & Life Connections
• Bellarmine University – Director of Corporate & Foundation Giving

• March of Dimes – Director of Program Services
• Jewish Community Center of New Orleans – Social Worker
• St. Louis Children’s Hospital – Critical Care Social Worker
• Family Scholar House (in Louisville) – Relationship Coordinator
• Kentucky Refugee Ministries – Caseworker