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Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant Opportunities

What opportunities will there be for faculty/students as a result of this grant during the 2016-17 academic year?

Increased Summer Resources for Mentoring Undergraduate Research

• FDC currently offers summer research stipends of up to $1,400 to faculty with an additional $1,100 in travel and supplies. For faculty who mentor undergraduates in a research endeavor during the summer of 2017, there will be up to an additional $600 stipend available per student (limit two) for a total up to $2,000 or $2,600. Also, there is up to an additional $500 per student increase in their travel/supply budget (limit two students). (For faculty who do not mentor undergraduate students, the $1,400 stipend and $1,100 in travel/supplies are of course still available.)
• In an effort to broaden undergraduate research activities across the disciplines, the Mellon grant specifically has allocated a proportion of these funds for faculty from Divisions 1 and 2. Faculty from humanities and social science fields are thus especially encouraged to apply.
• Faculty who wish to apply for these additional summer funds may do so on the standard FDC summer funding application form, due in early spring semesters. The form is available on the Faculty Development Committee webpage.

Funding a Spring-Term 'Research Preparation' Course for Students

• Students are currently funded through FDC for up to eight weeks during the summer. Faculty have often noted that some students are not always well-prepared to begin their research endeavors at the beginning of the summer and several weeks are often used simply teaching the appropriate academic/research skills. If students began their summers with a “head start” on developing these skills, imagine how much more could be accomplished!
• The Mellon grant provides funding for one faculty member from each division to coordinate a one-credit “research preparation” course in the spring term to work with the faculty mentor to help students develop the skills, review the relevant literature, or any other skill or task that would help them be able to “hit the ground running” when the eight-week summer research experience begins.
• These one-credit courses will be offered in the spring term of 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.
• Faculty who supervise these one-credit courses will not be released from any existing teaching obligations, but will be awarded a stipend of $2,500 per semester to compensate for their efforts.
• Those faculty interested in serving as coordinators for the Spring 2017 courses should submit a brief proposal to Benjamin Knoll ( by November 15, 2016 that describes the candidate’s interest and qualifications for the position. Please also contact Benjamin Knoll for any additional questions or details on this initiative.

Increased Funding for Student Travel to Professional Conferences

• Many faculty have expressed frustration about the lack of funding to take students to professional meetings that require airplane travel. As a result, the Mellon grant has allocated $10,000 per year to fund student travel to professional conferences above and beyond the $5,000 that Centre currently offers.
• Faculty can apply for these additional funds using the Student Travel Form available on the Faculty Development Committee webpage.

Funding for Faculty Travel to Undergraduate Research Conferences

• The Mellon grant has allocated $3,600 per year to fund faculty attendance at professional conferences that focus on mentored scholarship and undergraduate research.
• This year, the Mellon Grant will fund up to four faculty to attend a conference or workshop sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research or other relevant institution. It is expected that those who attend will publicly present what they learned with the wider Centre community upon their return.

Resources to Fund Experiments with 'Outside-the-Box' Summer Mentored Scholarship Opportunities

• There are many creative faculty who engage in “outside-the-box” mentored scholarship activities with students during the summer. These include: Professor Weston’s “Theory Camp”, Professor Tapley’s “Art Camp”, and Professor Haigh’s After Orpheus, a 2012 original theatrical work that students wrote, developed, and performed. Mentored scholarship looks different across the disciplines.
• The Mellon grant provides budgets of $2,000 for additional stipends/supplies/travel to develop and execute other “outside-the-box” mentored scholarship opportunities during the summers beginning in 2014. (These funds are available separate and apart from the existing FDC opportunities available in the summer.) These grants could help cover expenses for things like books, supplies, student/faculty stipends, travel expenses, etc. Faculty are encouraged to think creatively!
• The Mellon grant will fund two proposals during the summer of 2014 and three proposals during the summers of 2015, 2016, and 2017.
• Faculty wishing to apply for these additional funds to develop “outside-the-box” mentored scholarship activities for the summer of 2017 should submit a proposal, including a brief description and tentative budget, to Benjamin Knoll ( by February 15, 2017. A formal call for applications will be forthcoming in Fall 2016.

NOTE: All Undergraduate Research Mellon Grant proposals will be reviewed by members of the Undergraduate Research Committee.

For more information and/or questions about any of these opportunities, please contact grant coordinator Benjamin Knoll at