Angela Allen ’75 featured in Louisville photography exhibit

The photography of Angela Allen ‘75 will be on display in an exhibit at the Firehouse Gallery in Louisville opening Friday Dec. 2 from 6-9 p.m. The exhibit will be up until Jan. 15, but appointments will be required after the first weekend.
“The show features my color work, called ‘Vivid,’ and a meditation on hands, ‘Touching Lavender,’ by Carolyn Courtney,” Allen says. “She and I grew up together in Louisville and went to the Louisville Collegiate School when it was an all-girls school for 13 years together.”
Allen has an eye for vibrancy in her photography.
“As you can see, I love color,” she says. “Because I travel a lot for work, my photos are shot here and there, mostly in the Northwest and along the West Coast — Mexico, British Columbia and other parts of Canada, and many parts of Oregon.”
Allen and Courtney have both been photographers for much of their lives, but Allen only recently began taking the art form more seriously.
“Carolyn has been doing photography since she was in her teens, and I’ve shot pictures since I had my Instamatic at eight years old. I worked as a graduate fellow in journalism school, teaching photography, and then I married a photographer and kind of left it up to him,” Allen says. “In 2008, Carolyn convinced me to take a class at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. I bought a new camera and I was off and shooting — again.”
Photography is not the only art form Allen is well-versed in: she is also a writer, already holding a Master’s degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and currently pursuing a Master’s of Fine Arts at the Rainier Writers Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Wash.
“I am primarily a writer and teach as an artist-in-the-schools in Portland. I have been a journalist for 28 years and a striving poet since childhood,” Allen says. “I studied poetry with the late Ruth Stone at Centre and we were fortunate to have poet Maxine Kumin speak at our 1975 graduation.”
Allen recalls being introduced to Kumin that day — and a special compliment that came along with it.
“My dear professor — now emeritus — Roberta White, a lifelong friend and influence, introduced me to Kumin and said, ‘One day Angela will be a poet,’” Allen says. “Well, we’ll see. It takes a lifetime.”
For Allen, the art forms of writing and photography have more in common than they might seem.
“My photography is much like my poetry: a glimpse of the world in especially good light,” she says. “They’re shot with a journalist’s story-making intuition and a poet’s effort to see the world a bit differently.”
To make an appointment to see the exhibit, call gallery owner Geoff Carr at 502-298-2110 or Carolyn Courtney at 502-641-3931. For more about the exhibit, view the Firehouse Gallery’s Facebook page here.

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