April admission events offer the chance to see if Centre “fits”

Prospective high school students wishing to explore Centre College this April have two opportunities to do so: Centre of Attention Day and Junior Day.
Centre of Attention Day
Saturday, April 16, was this spring’s Centre of Attention Day, a special event for students admitted to the Class of 2015.
“The event is exciting because the students who attend have already decided to enroll at Centre or they’re making their final decision,” assistant director of admission Dawn Brown-Piatt says. “It’s a great way for students to get a feel for the type of community we have here at Centre, and it’s also rewarding because students get to interact with other students who may very well be their classmates here next year.”
During the event, visiting students had the chance to talk openly with current students about their Centre experiences, sit in on mini-classes, take guided campus tours and meet with many members of the Centre community.
Junior Day
The spring’s second Junior Day will be held on Saturday, April 30. The event will begin at 9 a.m. and will conclude at noon.
“Junior Day is a great opportunity for juniors not only to get a feel for Centre but also to learn more about the process of applying to selective colleges,” Brown-Piatt says. “It’s an excellent way to get a first look at the school, and students will often return during their senior year for a more intensive visit.”

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