Austin Dome ’19 sets the course for a future in chemistry

This summer, Centre College student Austin Dome ‘19 will have an opportunity that will set the course for a future as a nuclear or radiochemist.

The chemistry major will be a student at the American Chemical Society’s National Nuclear Chemistry Summer School, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Dome will be participating in an intensive six-week program studying nuclear and radiochemistry located at San Jose State University in California. The program is a class and lab that focuses on the basics of nuclear chemistry and nuclear spectroscopy.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Leonard Demoranville explained how this particular area of chemistry is one that most undergraduate students don’t get the opportunity to see during their college experience.

“Many of the graduates of the nuclear chemistry summer school have gone on to be prominent nuclear or radiochemists,” Demoranville said.

He explained that participating students are given assistance in finding summer research experiences in the area the following summer.

“Austin is an excellent student and the first during my time at Centre to be accepted to the program,” Demoranville said.
Being accepted into this program is a true honor for Dome.

“Getting an offer like this has been really exciting, and I’m looking forward to going.”

While Dome is enthusiastic about the program itself, he expressed how he’s most excited about having the opportunity to visit the Lawrence Livermore National Lab while in San Jose.

According to Professor of Chemistry Joe Workman, Dome has proven himself worthy of this opportunity.

“His creativity and ability to link concepts from different areas of chemistry have been exemplary,” Workman said. “I am confident that he will rise to this challenge.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
April 20, 2017

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