Barbara L. Hall to retire after 35 years of service to Centre

Barbara HallAfter 35 years of service to Centre College, Barbara L. Hall has chosen to retire from her career as a professor of music.
Tribute Concert to Barbara Hall.“Barbara Hall secured her place as a legendary Centre College professor many years ago,” said President John Roush. “In all the ways one might measure, she has served the College with distinction—as a teacher/scholar, mentor, leader.”
Hall, a veteran teacher, conductor and performer, directs Centre’s choral program, teaches humanities, music history, theory and conducting.
“The impact of her work is measured in the thousands of lives she has touched during her career,” Roush said.
The College hosted a tribute concert for Hall on April 12. The audience, including Hall, was not given programs for the concert, so the participating musicians and pieces were a surprise as the performance unfolded.
One of the participating musicians was Vince DiMartino, one of Centre’s Emeritus faculty members and a nationally renowned trumpet performer and teacher.
“Dr. Hall was a good friend to me for almost 20 years as a colleague in the music program,” DiMartino said. “Barbara has changed the face of the music program at Centre. She has also been in the middle of all the positive developments at the College over her 35-year tenure.”
Hall has held the Stodghill Professorship in Humanities since its inception in 2004. She served as the chair for the division of humanities from 1989-92 and again from 2007-10. She was also an associate dean of the College from 1992-98.
“As a music professor, student and faculty advocate and associate dean, she helped the College move forward in every project in which she was involved,” DiMartino continued. “She will be remembered for her untiring work for her students and Centre College.”
President Roush echoed those sentiments.
“She has made the College a ‘better, stronger, faster’ place,” Roush said. “All of us are in her debt. Susie and I wish her only the best as she begins a new adventure.”
by Anne H. Evans

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