Black Alumni Weekend at Centre

BlackAlumniCentre College will hold a Black Alumni Weekend on campus April 11-13. Events include presentations on the history of African-American students at Centre and recollections of alumni from the last six decades on the black experience at the College.

“We want to bring people together for reflections and networking,” says J.H. Atkins, assistant vice president and associate professor of education. Ultimately, he would like to see the weekend generate enough interest to start a Black Alumni Club at Centre.
Atkins credits Raymond Burse ’73, a Rhodes Scholar and recently retired vice president and general counsel with General Electric in Louisville, with providing the initial idea and enthusiasm for the project.
Burse, in turn, attributes his excitement to his experience with Harvard Law School’s Celebration of Black Alumni reunions held approximately every five years. “There is a buzz that has occurred after each, which has driven future attendance,” he says. “I thought Centre should try the approach. My hope is that those attending will reconnect with old friends, connect to new friends of color who have had the Centre experience and then all reconnect with the College.”
The weekend opens with a reception Friday evening, April 11. A full day of presentations and discussions will take place Saturday, April 12, along with a dinner Saturday night.
For a complete schedule and to register, click here.

by Diane Johnson

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