Brass Band and Bate-Wood: Auction scheduled to raise money for park

This year, the annual Brass Band Festival will offer visitors to Danville not only the chance to listen to world-class musical acts but to shop for a cause.
During the 2011 festival, which will be held on Centre’s campus from June 9 through June 12, Centre students will be hosting a silent auction to raise money for Bate-Wood Park, a local park that students have transformed throughout the past few years.
“Since Centre first got involved in Bate-Wood Park almost two years ago, there have been more than $25,000 in park improvements financed through generous donations from the City of Danville, Centre’s Student Government Association and private community donors,” says senior Alex Ginn. “Among those improvements are a regulation-sized soccer field and goals, a four-swing swing set, a toddler swing set, a climbing dome, a teeter-totter, a play structure with six slides and, most recently, a wooden gazebo and flower garden.”
In addition, the park boasts picnic tables and a walking path following Clark’s Run Creek.
Having accomplished so much, the Centre students taking part in the Bate-Wood Community Park Project hope to make further strides this spring. Plans are currently underway to replace the original basketball court and add a handicap-accessible ramp and lighting to the park.
“The city engineer has agreed to rip out the existing blacktop before mid-March so that we can begin pouring the new basketball court as soon as possible,” Ginn says. “And the handicap-accessibility to the park is a priority on our to-do list for the spring. When we surveyed residents of the park area last fall, we quickly realized that the park wasn’t originally designed with handicap-accessibility in mind. We’re working diligently to engineer the most effective and economical way to provide this for handicapped residents of Danville.”
After these plans are reviewed by the engineer of the City of Danville, the students will begin building the ramp, and they anticipate that the project will be completed by the middle of March.
The lighting is being made possible through a grant allocated for the building of a path from Duncan Hill (a residential area directly southeast of Bate-Wood Park) to Bate Middle School. This project is currently in the discussion phase.
With so many goals in mind, the students decided that holding an auction would be the ideal way “to not only benefit the park financially, but to also increase awareness of the work we’ve accomplished and plan to accomplish in the next year,” Ginn says. “The decision to hold it during the Brass Band Festival comes from the desire to have the auction on a grand scale with the most publicity and exposure possible.”
Although several details must still be worked out, Ginn says that the auction will feature baskets filled with items from community businesses, as well as baskets geared towards specific interests.
“There will be baskets to suit all interests,” Ginn says, “and all the proceeds directly go towards the Bate-Wood Community Park Project and will be used to directly finance improvements and programming for the park.”
In the meantime, the students will continue devoting countless hours to the improvement of the park.
“The Bate-Wood Community Park Project was originally designed not only to give a beautiful park to an underserved area,” Ginn says, “but also to foster a sense of community between Danville residents and Centre College: that the pride this organization feels in the accomplishments that have been made at Bate-Wood would not only be felt by the founding and continuing members of this project but also by the residents who live there. Our hope is that the pride felt by us and the citizens of Danville will continue to provide the will needed to continue improving the park long after we’re gone.”

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