British Parliamentary Internship gives Branham Chandler ’20 insight to foreign politics

A summer internship combined with the opportunity to travel abroad is an unique opportunity to see the world while gaining experience in a future career. For rising Senior Branham Chandler (Versailles, Kentucky), his summer in England working as a Parliamentary Intern in the British Parliament is preparing him for a career in foreign politics.

While Chandler grew up learning about the U.S. government from both personal and classroom experiences, his lifelong curiosity surrounding foreign politics inspired him to pursue this internship specifically.  

“This internship gives me the opportunity to learn about the UK government from an inside angle,” he explains.

Among the responsibilities of the internship are working in the office of and shadowing an assigned Member of Parliament, completing policy research and attending meetings. 

Chandler attributes much of his preparation for this internship to the challenges and triumphs he has endured as a student at Centre.  

“My academic career at Centre has absolutely prepared me for this internship,” he says. “Several things that I have learned at Centre have already come in handy in assisting me to work in a government where I have no previous experience.“ 

Chandler also praises the College’s Centre Commitment—a guarantee that every student will study abroad, engage in an internship or research opportunity and graduate in four years— for providing him the tools and resources to pursue a career in such a competitive field.

“Centre’s promise of an internship is so valuable because of the power of practice. An internship in your field of study both reinforces what you have learned in the classroom and gives you invaluable experience that is impossible to gain in the classroom.” 

Chandler is still uncertain as to what his exact career path will be after graduation, but he claims that this internship has helped narrow his path.  

“I have always taken an interest in government and politics. Whether I go to law school or jump into a career after graduation, this internship will help me to navigate my interests. It has certainly aided my future career.”

by Makenzie Dries ’21
July 24, 2019

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