Bryce Whitman ’19 interns at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Behavioral and neuroscience major Bryce Whitman ’19 (Franklin, Tennessee) is interning this summer in the neurology department at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“I have been working with several doctors and hospitals across the nation to create grants that will directly affect major healthcare systems across the U.S.,” Whitman said. “I primarily work with telemedicine, which is the system that allows specialists to connect with hospitals that do not have those specialties on hand.

“For example, I work with neurologists that perform consults for smaller hospitals across Tennessee, as well as Kentucky,” he continued. “I also have had the opportunity to sit in on several middle Tennessee conferences regarding healthcare and stroke care.”

Whitman said this internship was perfect for him, because it has given him the opportunity to apply the knowledge he’s learned at Centre from his behavioral and neuroscience major.

“On top of the applicability of this internship,” he said, “I am able to work for a tremendous hospital system that has shown me a wide range of potential future career paths.”

Whitman was pleased that all of his major classes prepared him to understand the physiology of the neurological concepts that are applied to the internship. In addition, the writing experiences he’s had at Centre have helped him with the grant writing aspect.

“This experience means the world to me,” Whitman said. “I have been able to experience the clinical aspect of neurology, as well as the grant writing process. I have also talked with several sales representatives from many outside vendors. All of these connections and experiences have laid a more solid foundation that will hopefully be the groundwork for my career after Centre.”

After graduation, Whitman plans to begin a career in neurology.

“I am really passionate about healthcare, and any career field that can allow me to make a difference in the lives of people is something I would be interested in,” he concluded.

by Kerry Steinhofer
July 19, 2018

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