Campus buildings join Danville–Boyle County registry for historic properties

Centre College recently partnered with Boyle Landmark Trust to dedicate five buildings on campus: the Chenault Alumni House, Craik House, Horky House, Old Carnegie and Old Centre. A plaque dedication ceremony was held on May 7.

Boyle Landmark Trust, founded in 1971, works to assure that architectural history is respected, protected and preserved for future generations.

The organization’s Plaque Program recognizes properties as being at least 100 years old with recorded and documented histories of the properties, the honor also acknowledges the College’s support of architectural historic preservation within Boyle County.

“Centre and Boyle Landmark Trust value history,” President John A. Roush said at the ceremony. “The College has a 200-year history in Danville–Boyle County. When you think about it, the College and this community have been linked together since this part of the country was considered the American frontier.

“One of the ways we acknowledge our appreciation of history is in the careful preservation and often revitalization of the historic buildings on campus,” he continued. “Recognizing the historic significance of these structures and providing historical context to the campus community has been and will remain a priority for Centre. Thanks to Boyle Landmark Trust, several of Centre’s buildings will join the Danville–Boyle County registry for historic properties.”

Assistant Professor of History Andrew Patrick played a role in this project by researching the buildings and providing documentation for the historical record and the College’s archives.

There will be a second presentation in the fall, as well as a walking tour.

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by Centre College News
May 10, 2019

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