Bonner Commitments

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Centre’s Patrick Noltemeyer receives Rising Star AwardThe Danville-Boyle Chamber of Commerce presented Dr. Patrick Noltemeyer ’01 with the Rising Star Award at its 99th annual banquet...

The Common Commitments were written and decided upon by Bonner students — the Bonner Congress Representatives — who continue to ensure their integration in their campus programs. These common commitments play a key role in uniting Bonners all over the nation of diverse passions and interests in making change. These commitments are crucial for making us a coherent community. We believe that all Bonners are committed to:


We respect and embrace the many dimensions of diversity in our private and public lives.

Social Justice

We advocate for fairness, impartiality, and equality while addressing systemic social and environmental issues.

International Perspective

We develop international understanding that enables us to participate successfully in a global society.

Spiritual Exploration

We explore personal belief while respecting the spiritual practices of others.

Civic Engagement

We participate intentionally as a citizen in the democratic process, actively engaging in public policy and direct service.

Community Building

We establish and sustain a vibrant community of place, personal relationships, and common interests.

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