What We Do

The Religious Life Office is here to encourage you to strengthen your own faith tradition, ask the tough questions in a safe environment, explore the traditions of others, and serve in ways that make the world a better place.

Our Goals

Connect students with the work of local congregations

Local congregations sponsor Sunday School classes and other college programs, and occasionally they host lunches and dinners for students. We serve as a resource for connecting students to a congregational home while they are here at Centre.

Promote vital religious life and greater religious understanding on campus

Services are held for Advent and Lent and Special events such as a Passover Seder and an Eid al Fitr commemorating the end of Islam’s holy month of Ramadan; Weekly Taize prayer service called Get Centred; and an occasional educational series on World Religions featuring speakers from Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim traditions. CentreFaith is a student-led campus interfaith dialogue organization that sponsors discussions, films, and events from various religious traditions throughout the year. In addition, six student-led religious groups foster fellowship and special events.

Religious groups on campus

Meditation Centre Centre Christian Fellowship
Thinking About Faith Jewish Student Organization
Muslim Student Association Newman Club

Develop the moral and ethical conscience of students as socially responsible citizens

Habitat for Humanity holds Saturday workdays and occasional work trips.

• CentrePeace, a group that works to educate the community on issues related to peace, human rights, social justice, sweatshops, war and peace, and capital punishment.

• “Religion, Human Rights, and Latin America” is a series that brings speakers annually from Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Nicaragua, or Honduras to share with us the realities of their situations.

• Poverty and Homelessness Week is an annual emphasis that includes workdays in Louisville shelters, education programs, a fast for hunger, and other ways to work on hunger relief.

Spiritual advising and vocational exploration

• Internships

• Seminary and Divinity school explorations

• Vocation trips to Nashville, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis to explore various careers in denominational work, church work, social service, or missions.

Danville Area Congregations