Points of Interest


Regeneration (2013). An historic Beech tree taken down in 2012 that once stood outside Young Hall has been given new life as “Regeneration,” a beautiful, six-foot-tall sculpture created by local artist Russ Barragan.

The beech tree had likely been on campus since Centre was founded in 1819, and had come to be known by some as “The Lady.” Many students grew accustomed to walking past the tree every day, going to and from classes and residential halls. Some even left their mark on its bark, carving in their initials and even some professions of love.

A combination of factors, including its old age, and extreme weather conditions such as the ice storm of 2009, led to it being taken down. From a single piece of its trunk, Barragan created a sculpture evoking new life.

For Lubbers—and many others whose Centre experience includes many memories of the old Beech—the sculpture is much more than a piece of art. “It symbolizes the history of the College, in a sense,” Lubbers says. “I’m hoping the sculpture will become a symbol of the College in the future—that you can always make good things out of an unfortunate circumstance, and that there will be people who get pleasure in other ways from looking at this sculpture. It has a new life, as something different.”