Capitol Hill internship sets Grace Brock ’20 on political career path

English major Grace Brock (Richmond, Kentucky) completed two internships this summer, both on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. She interned in the House of Representatives for Congressman Hal Rogers and in the Senate for Senator Rand Paul.

“My daily tasks have differed pretty significantly between each internship,” Brock said. “When I worked in the House of Representatives, I answered phone calls, gave constituents tours of the Capitol, completed press clippings and attended briefings.

Grace Brock ’20 stands with Congressman Hal Rogers.

“My favorite things that I got to do included attending Whip Briefings, researching policy and writing the drafts of constituent response letters,” she continued. “Having the opportunity to work on constituent letters as an intern is rare, but it was one of my favorite things that I have done this summer. I am so thankful that Congressman Roger’s staff afforded me the opportunity.”

While interning in Senator Rand Paul’s office, Brock spent half of the internship in the front office and the other half in the legislative office.

“While in the front office, I answered phone calls, sorted mail, gave tours of the Capitol and logged constituent concerns onto our database,” she added. “When I was in the legislative office, I summarized reports, drafted memorandums, researched current legislation and worked on forming my own Senate bill that I presented to the legislative staff at the end of my internship. I was also able to sit in on meetings and attend Senate committee hearings.”

Brock said she’s always had an interest in politics and has been active in local and state politics and with the Republican Party. Her involvement with Boyle County Republicans, the Republican Party of Kentucky and campaign experience helped prepare her for this summer.

“I wanted to see how our government actually functions and gain valuable work experience,” she said. “Regarding the offices I worked for, I knew I wanted to intern in both the House and Senate so that I could gain both perspectives.

“I wanted to intern for Congressman Rogers because my family is from Eastern Kentucky, so I have personally seen all of the positive things he has done for the people there,” she continued. “I decided to work for Senator Paul, because he is focused on protecting our individual liberties and upholding the constitution.”

Brock explained how interning for both offices this summer has been an incredible opportunity.

“To wake up and go to work in such historic buildings every day and be surrounded by representatives and senators seems like a dream,” she added. “I cherished every day, because I know how fortunate I am to have been offered multiple internships on the Hill. I took every day very seriously, because I understand that the real concerns that people have and how important it is to make sure that everyone is able to voice their opinions to their congressmen.”

These internships have helped Brock figure out potential career paths. She’s learned that she’s interested in policy and has found the legislative issues she’s most passionate about.

“After spending a summer in one of the most politically-charged cities in the U.S., I would encourage my peers at Centre College, and everyone in general, to remember to have political conversations that are civil and productive,” she said. “I have really enjoyed meeting senators and representatives from the other side of the aisle and have found that discussing policy with individuals who have a different viewpoint than mine has benefitted me and made my internship experience exceptional.

“Diversity of thought is an extremely important aspect to creating an environment at Centre where we can challenge ourselves to think differently and empathize with other people,” she concluded.

by Kerry Steinhofer
August 10, 2018

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