Career mentor network relaunches this fall with new software

The Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD) recently switched to a more user-friendly software to employ the College’s Career Mentor Network. AlumniFire now makes it easier for students to connect with Centre graduates who want to help them in their career efforts.

Every member of the Career Mentor Network is a Centre alumnus who has volunteered to provide career mentorship and guidance to current students.

“The new software has many more features by which students can search for alumni,” said Joy Asher, director of the CCPD (pictured above). “In addition to the old search options including major, location, occupation and employer, students can now also search by the club/organization, sports team or even study abroad location for the alumni.”

Asher said that one new service that is provided through AlumniFire is relocation advice.

“If a student is graduating and moving to a new city, they can reach out to those alumni for advice on housing and transportation,” she added.

The software also allows mentors to view other alumni in the system in order to connect with one another.

The goals of the Career Mentor Network are to provide meaningful interaction and relationships between current students and alumni; offer students firsthand insights into career fields of interest and advice about those fields; and allow alumni to give back to the Centre community in a non-monetary way.

“This is a unique opportunity for current students to connect with professionals who have ‘been there’—taken the same classes and had the same experience as they have,” Asher concluded. “These alumni are uniquely positioned to offer information and advice and are eager to do so.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
October 4, 2018

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