Julia Matthews ’19 and Sarah Holloway ’18 experience field research in Uganda

Centre College students have the opportunity to conduct collaborative research with faculty members during the school year or over the summer. Julia Matthews ’19 and Sarah Holloway ’18, spent three weeks of their summer in Uganda with Assistant Professor of History Jonathon Earle researching the Uganda Railway. The purpose of the trip was to gather information

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CENTRE RESEARCH | Centre College students research history in Sierra Leone

Having just finished their first year at Centre College, rising sophomores Stephen Thornton and Tim Ablondi are spending their summer conducting research on Sierra Leone with Professor of Anthropology Endre Nyerges. Studying a 30-by-30-square-mile area in Sierra Leone over a period of 15 years, Thornton and Ablondi are classifying landforms in satellite images with Nyerges.

Centre College students work to provide clean water in Ghana with Saha Global

With internship opportunities spanning the globe for Centre College students, rising seniors Stewart Coard and Cameron Beach chose to spend their summer in Tamale, Ghana, in the rural village of Vene as field representative interns with Saha Global. The non-profit organization focuses efforts in northern Ghana, partnering with local communities to provide access to clean

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Centre College student and professor complete first digitization project at Cambridge's Centre for African Studies

A hallmark of many Centre College students’ education is the opportunity to engage in unique collaborative research opportunities with their professors. Emily Rodes ’16 traveled to the University of Cambridge in England this summer to research the life and writings of Eridadi M.K. Mulira with Assistant Professor of History and Chair of the African and

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College mourns historian Richard A. Bradshaw

Richard A. Bradshaw, who taught history at Centre from 1995 until 2012, died Dec. 6, 2014, in Merida, Mexico, where he lived. His primary interests were the Central African Republic and the history of Japanese-African relations, but he also taught classes in African, Asian, Latin American and world history. In addition, he taught Centre’s first

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Dr. Andrea Abrams’ “God and Blackness” explores unique American identities

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Andrea Abrams’ latest book, “God and Blackness,” hits shelves this March, representing the fruitful culmination of over two years of research. The book is a byproduct of Abrams’ dissertation work, which she recalls got off to a rocky start. When she traveled to Atlanta, Ga., to conduct fieldwork, she initially struggled

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Dr. Eva Cadavid explores the philosophy of race and ethnicity

Centre College’s Latin American studies program is young but quickly growing, especially with the addition of Assistant Professor of Philosophy Eva Cadavid’s class, Philosophical Discussions on Race and Ethnicity. “This course arose from my participation in the development of the Latin American studies minor,” Cadavid explains. “Once I started thinking about the types of courses

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Victoria DiMartile ’15 explores roots of local African-American business district

A Centre College intern with the Heart of Danville recently embarked on a journey to discover the historical roots of Danville's African-American business district. Junior anthropology major Victoria DiMartile spent more than 160 hours of research and interviews to compile a new historical guide titled, “You Don’t Ever Want to Forget Second Street: A Retrospective Guide

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[VIDEO] Community-based learning with Professor Jon Earle

A brief conversation with Dr. Jonathon Earle, Visting Assistant Professor of History Q: What is the basis for your fall-term course, African Kingdoms & Colonial Empires? A: When Europeans began arriving in Africa from the 16th-century onward, they largely believed that Africans were without history or political sophistication. For would-be colonizers, African history and ‘civilisation’

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African Voices festival celebrates African and African-American culture

Centre College will present an African Voices festival that celebrates African and African-American culture from Jan. 14 to 18, 2011. Scholars, musicians, dancers and authors will give lectures and performances as part of the festival’s activities. African Voices events include an evening of music from Mali by drummer Yaya Diallo on Jan. 14 at 7:30 p.m. in Weisiger

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