CentreTerm 2015: Profs. Hallock and McAllister lead students on interdisciplinary journey through Greece

The ability to recognize and apply connections across multiple fields is one of the many practical outcomes of a liberal arts education at Centre College, and studying abroad is particularly effective for building such cross-disciplinary critical thinking skills. This CentreTerm, Professor of Dramatic Arts Matthew Hallock and Professor of Mathematics Alex McAllister traveled with students

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CentreTerm 2015: Radical Lives: Models of Subversion course studies different approaches to social revolution

The CentreTerm course Radical Lives: Models of Subversion led by Assistant Professor of History Stephen Dove asks students to take an in-depth look at two well-known social revolutionaries whose ideas for creating change, though intrinsically different, were both profoundly impactful. The lives of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, a leading commander in the Cuban Revolution, and Ernesto

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CentreTerm 2015: Prof. Bosco’s first-year students study politics through the lens of music

While every CentreTerm class challenges students to push their intellectual boundaries and consider new perspectives, first-year studies courses are an especially effective introduction to Centre College's rich, stimulating liberal arts environment. Designed exclusively for first-year students, these CentreTerm seminars serve as the ideal launch pad for delving into higher-level academic work. One of nearly 25 different

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CentreTerm 2015: Students explore the history behind haunted America

Legends and lore surrounding the supernatural have intrigued humans throughout history, and now a new CentreTerm course at Centre College led by Assistant Professor of History Sara Egge is seeking to shed some light on the subject of things that go bump in the night. Her Haunted American History class isn't intended to address whether or not ghosts

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CentreTerm 2015: Dr. Harney's class explores how history plays out in video games

Thanks to CentreTerm’s flexibility and ingenuity, faculty at Centre College can design highly focused courses based on their own academic passions as well the interests of their students. Forging the path toward a more sophisticated, scholarly understanding of video games as both art forms and texts, Assistant Professor of History John Harney (pictured above, right) has debuted

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CentreTerm 2015: Students study the convergence of past and present in Vienna, Prague and Budapest

Associate Professor of German and Humanities Ian Wilson Though taught in destinations spanning the globe, CentreTerm courses abroad are all connected by the idea that there is no better way to learn than on location. In the case of Associate Professor of German and Humanities Ian Wilson’s course Introduction to the Cultural History

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CentreTerm 2015: Dr. Wooten's students examine nature's most extreme organisms

Among the essential features of a one-of-a-kind Centre Experience is CentreTerm, the College’s three-week January session in which students study a single topic intensively. Over the course of this unique term, students in Assistant Professor of Biology Jessica Wooten’s Life in Extreme Environments class will study some of nature’s most unique organisms, from albatrosses to salamanders to

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Study abroad at Centre continues to broaden students' horizons

Ranked once again as the nation’s #1 leader in international education, Centre College has become synonymous with best practice for study abroad. As current programs thrive and new opportunities emerge, Centre continues to raise the bar for study abroad across all colleges and universities. Centre’s unique approach to study abroad accounts for much of its success,

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Centre College again ranked #1 in the nation for study abroad

For the second time in the last three years, Centre College has been ranked #1 in the nation for study abroad. The recognition comes from the Institute of International Education (IIE), the leading nonprofit educational and cultural exchange organization in the United States, in its annual “Open Doors” report. Centre won the top spot again

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Behind the music: Dr. Daniel Arbino leads workshop exploring influence of postcolonialism in reggae music

When most people think of summer research at Centre College, they often picture students and professors working in laboratories, hovering over microscopes. However, research at Centre occurs across all academic disciplines and on a diverse array of topics---including reggae music. This summer, Assistant Professor of Spanish Daniel Arbino led rising sophomores Jeremy Walker, Jared Thompson, Emma Breitenbach,

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