Commencement 196 by the numbers

Three hundred and twenty-seven seniors were granted degrees at Centre College’s 196th Bicentennial Commencement, held on Sunday, May 19, at the Norton Center for the Arts. The Class of 2019 leaves a legacy of impressive accomplishments and countless life-changing experiences on campus and across the globe. As we bid them farewell, here’s a final look

What’s Next for the Class of 2019?

On the day of their graduation from Centre, the Class of 2019 participated in the What’s Next? campaign, an eagerly anticipated feature of Commencement day. The new alumni shared their post-graduation plans, as they now join the 97 percent of Centre alumni who either attend graduate school or are employed within a year of graduation. While their post-Centre pursuits vary,

Centre’s first-generation college students boast nation-leading graduation rates, success

As a slew of recent national rankings attest, Centre College students are an impressive and hardworking bunch. One group that continually amazes is Centre's first-generation college students, who make important campus contributions and maintain an outstanding graduation rate. Over the past three years, the number of "first-gens," as they are often called, has steadily increased

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