Genda Zhao ’17 studies Manchu culture as a John C. Young Scholar

John C. Young (JCY) Scholar Genda Zhao ’17 dug deep into his own culture during his yearlong project titled “Ethnographic Investigation on the Manchu Ethnic Minority in the Age of Growing Urbanization in China.” This topic is something Zhao has been interested in since he was a teenager, as he comes from a line of

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Valentine Banor ’17 studies hip-hop music as a John C. Young Scholar

As a John C. Young (JCY) Scholar, Valentine (Val) Banor ’17 examined music an entirely different way during his yearlong project titled “White Artists in Hip-hop: Emulation, Appreciation or Appropriation?” Banor’s project stems from a course he took in the fall of 2015 with Associate Professor of Music Nathan Link that discussed a wide range of music

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Kirsten Giesbrecht ’17 focuses John C. Young research on splenic artery aneurysm formation

John C. Young (JCY) Scholar, Kirsten Giesbrecht combined her math major, biology interest and study abroad experience into a project titled “Mathematically Modeling Splenic Artery Aneurysm Formation,” using the computational fluid dynamic software. The reason she specifically studied splenic arteries is because they are the most common site for aneurysms. “I actually learned about this when

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Michael Hart ’17 studies Alzheimer’s disease as John C. Young Scholar

For senior Michael Hart, conducting research is one of the most gratifying experiences, and for his John C. Young (JCY) project, he was able to conduct his own on Alzheimer’s disease. Hart began his study on the topic his sophomore year, collaborating with Assistant Professor of Chemistry Kerry Paumi on research that looked at a way of inhibiting

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Courtney Lucas ’17 focuses John C. Young research on Appalachia

The phrase “write what you know” is inspiration for many writers—including Centre College student and Appalachian native Courtney Lucas. The English major and creative writing minor spent her senior year composing a series of stories about the region, titled "Redbud Winter," as part of her yearlong project as a John C. Young (JCY) Scholar. Centre’s JCY program,

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John C. Young Scholars present research at symposium April 29

Centre College's 27th annual John C. Young Symposium will be held on Saturday, April 29 from 8:45 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at the Vahlkamp Theatre in Crounse Hall. This year, seven seniors will present the results of their research on the topic of their choice. Each scholar will give a 20-minute presentation and will take questions from the

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John C. Young research by Jeannie Corbitt ’16 explores a timely Islamic topic

Jeannie Corbitt ’16 epitomizes the intellectual curiosity that is the hallmark of Centre College students chosen as John C. Young (JCY) Scholars, the competitive Centre program designed to serve strong, highly motivated senior students. JCY scholars are provided the resources they need to engage in independent study, research or artistic work in their major discipline

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John C. Young scholar J.P. Deering ’16 explores Southern literature and culture

Along with the coursework and extracurricular activities that are part of every Centre College student’s experience, J.P. Deering ’16 also spent his senior year doing archival research and finding connections between legendary authors as a John C. Young (JCY) scholar. Deering’s JCY project, “Cormac McCarthy’s Southern Blood: Analyzing McCarthy’s Work in the Context of William

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Mikayla Paolini ’16 studies factors leading to child maltreatment as a John C. Young Scholar

Before she even graduated this past May, Mikayla Paolini ’16 was doing important research with real-world applications as a John C. Young (JCY) Scholar. For her JCY project, Paolini—a philosophy major—analyzed the relationship between child maltreatment and single parenthood. “My project aims to unpack the statistic overrepresentation of single mothers as perpetrators of child maltreatment

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Olivia Weber ’16 studies the intersection of religion and quiltmaking as a John C. Young Scholar

In the midst of studying for classes and writing papers, students do not always have the chance to make new discoveries in their fields of interest. However, as a John C. Young (JCY) Scholar, Olivia Weber ’16 conducted research about an art form that had not previously been paid much scholarly attention: quiltmaking. Weber’s project,

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