[VIDEO] Renowned artist Lino Tagliapietra demonstrates glassmaking ‘magic’ at Centre College

Centre College is known for being a hub of global learning, not only because students have the opportunity to experience the world through study abroad but also because the College regularly brings world class opportunities to campus. Such is the case of internationally acclaimed Italian glass artist Lino Tagliapietra’s recent visit to Centre, when he returned

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Sights and Sounds: Campus Upkeep and Construction

Many students, faculty and staff may not realize, but maintaining more than 150 acres of buildings, lawns and trees on Centre's campus is a full-time summer job. Whether it is repairing sidewalks and exterior brickwork on one of 67 buildings or constructing new outdoor classrooms and athletic fields, Facilities Management staff works tirelessly to ensure

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Sights and Sounds: Global Leadership Academy 2013

Centre's first ever Global Leadership Academy (GLA) gives high school juniors and seniors a chance to live on campus, take courses with Centre faculty, and build invaluable leadership and academic skills necessary for a liberal arts education. From learning meditation and visiting a hydroelectric power plant to creating their own religion and exploring Mammoth Cave,

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Sights and Sounds: The Centre Swing

Centre students, faculty, staff and family enjoy an occasional swing on the campus swing, which hangs from a tree near Old Centre. It is immensely popular among Centre community. Centre College President John Roush gives audio comments. Video by Chris Floyd.

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Sights and Sounds: Spring at Centre College

Several signs announce the arrival of spring on Centre’s campus: students study on blankets on the lawns of Old Centre and Crounse and classes begin to pour out onto the steps of classroom buildings—all accompanied by smiles on everyone's faces around campus. Video by Chris Floyd.

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Sights and Sounds: Centre Wins First SAA Tournament

Centre College hosted the first Southern Athletic Association (SAA) Championship Tournament, which Centre went on to win after three hard-fought games. Up next for the team is the first round of the NCAA Division III playoffs. Centre will take on North Central Illinois College this Saturday, March 2, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. CST in Naperville,

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Sights and Sounds: Centre Orchestra

This Sights and Sounds takes a look at the Centre College orchestra during a rehearsal session at the beginning of the 2013 Spring Term. Coral Davenport ’14 and Jaemi Loeb, assistant professor of music, provide audio commentary about their perspective on being a part of this unique orchestra. Video by Chris Floyd.

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Sights and Sounds: Centre Brings Softball to Campus

Centre’s new softball field is now open! The addition of the softball facilities will allow Centre’s NCAA Division III softball team to host games on campus for the first time in the College’s history. The field was dedicated on Saturday, March 2, with players from years past returning and being introduced as they took the

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