Caught the Pokémon Go bug? Catch 'em all at Centre College!

pokemon at centreIf you look up the word “phenomenon” in your dictionary app right now, you’re likely to find a picture of a Pokémon next to it, thanks to the intense popularity of the recently released Pokémon Go app. People of all ages across the nation are turning out in droves to find the “pocket monsters” in their communities—including on the campus of Centre College. But if you want to catch ’em all, you also have to know where to find ’em all! Check out our list below of the Poké Spots on Centre’s campus.
pokemon centre signCentre College sign
This Main Street sign welcomes visitors, students, alumni and Pokémon alike to the Eastern edge of Centre’s campus. Situated next to the Ruby Cheek House, a student residence building, the Centre sign announces to the world that, while Pokémon might be hanging out here these days, this is definitely Centre turf.
pokemon pearl hallPearl Hall
Built in 2008, Pearl Hall was made possible by a gift from Centre trustee Robert Brockman ’63, whose mother and grandmother were both named Pearl. The 146-room residence hall is Kentucky’s first LEED Gold-certified building, thanks to its environmentally friendly design and construction. For Centre students, Pearl Hall is the perfect place to catch some Z’s after leveling up that PokéDeck.
pokemon memorial gardenMemorial Garden
This secluded spot, nestled between Old Centre and 762 West Main, offers a respite from monster-catching. One of the garden walls features a columbarium—a vault with individual niches for cremated remains, built at the urging of Centre alumni, who told the Wall Street Journal in 2002 that they could not think of a better place to be buried than on the campus of their beloved alma mater.
pokemon plazaBenefactors Plaza
Benefactors Plaza recognizes members of the Lifetime Giving Society, Centre’s donor recognition organization, with their names displayed on bricks and tiles lining the walkway. The fountain at the center features the Three Graces—according to Greek mythology, the daughters of Zeus, each representing gracefulness, peace and happiness. A more serene place to find Pokémon is unlikely to exist!
pokemon old centreOld Centre
From the Civil War to kids catching Pikachu, it’s safe to say that this historic building has seen it all. Built in 1820, Old Centre was the first structure built on the College campus. Although it now houses offices for administrative staff, both Confederate and Union troops used the building as a hospital during the Civil War in the wake of the nearby Battle of Perryville. Old Centre is Kentucky’s oldest continuously operating academic building.
pokemon scarab beetlePalace of Memory
This point of interest almost looks like it could be a Pokémon itself! A granite and earth-mound outdoor sculpture depicting a giant Egyptian scarab beetle, the Palace of Memory was created by artist Tom Chapin and unveiled in 2000. Hidden on the underside of the scarab are 135 inscriptions suggested by Centre faculty, staff and students to commemorate the new millennium.
pokemon crounseCrounse Hall
Even “pocket monsters” need to learn now and then. Crounse Hall, built in 1967 and renovated in 2005, is the home of Centre’s Grace Doherty Library, along with classrooms, faculty offices, the 170-seat Vahlkamp Theatre and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). On display in the Crounse lobby is artwork created both by Centre students and by professionals, including glassblower Lino Tagliapietra.
pokemon abeLincoln Statue
Something tells us that, if he hadn’t been so into studying, Abe would have been honestly great at catching ’em all. Centre’s Lincoln Statue, depicting a young Abraham Lincoln reading a law book loaned to him by Centre alumnus John Todd Stuart, Class of 1826, is the most recent addition to the College’s growing collection of public art. The piece was created by world-renowned Louisville artist Ed Hamilton and unveiled in 2012.
pokemon carnegieOld Carnegie
While Pokémon may be new to Centre, Old Carnegie has been around for a while. The beautiful building was originally constructed in 1913, thanks in part to a $30,000 contribution from industrialist Andrew Carnegie, for whom it is named. The building served as the College library until 1967 and currently houses the Center for Global Citizenship.
pokemon charlie moranCharlie Moran sign
Playing games has always been popular at Centre—particularly when Charlie Moran coached the College’s football team, once known as the Praying Colonels. This historic marker, situated next to Sutcliffe Hall, honors Moran and his storied athletic career, including coaching the Centre team that famously beat Harvard 6-0 in 1921. Moran also spent time as a professional baseball umpire as well as pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals.
July 15, 2016

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