Center for Career & Professional Development undergoes renovations to better meet student needs

Career Services 3 PSIn order to further efforts toward a more student-centered, developmental approach to exploring options for life after Centre College, the Center for Career & Professional Development, formerly known as Career Services, recently underwent renovations to update and improve its current office space in Old Carnegie. Renovations began last fall and were finalized at the beginning of the 2015 spring semester.

New student space in the Center for Career & Professional Development

Students can use the new space in the Center for Career & Professional Development to research potential careers, study or simply hang out.

“We felt that it was important to have a new look to go with the new name and new direction of our office,” explains Joy Asher, director of the Center for Career & Professional Development. “We also want the Old Carnegie building to be a student-friendly space.”
Central to the renovation plans was a brand-new layout that makes the office more inviting to students and maximizes their access to a treasure trove of career resources.
“Now when students enter our suite of offices, they are immediately in a space just for them,” says Asher. “This space features café tables where students can hang out by themselves or gather in groups, and there are also two computers where students can print out resumes, do career research or get help with things such as resume writing information or graduate school research.”
Beyond this student space there is now an updated reception area where students can make appointments with their career counselors, get information from the office coordinator or check out books from the career library.
In addition to a new layout, the rest of the office suite received a complete facelift—new paint, flooring, lighting and furniture—in order to make the space more modern and professional.
To accompany its new name and new look, the office has also launched two special initiatives that will help students jumpstart their professional careers.
The first is the Career Roadmap, a four-year, step-by-step guide to career development designed specifically for Centre students. According to Asher, the Roadmap will help students learn about themselves, explore career options, gain experience and ultimately put them on the path to career success.

“The Roadmap provides advice and guidance on steps to take during each year of college to maximize career success after graduation,” she says.
Students can visit the newly renovated office in Old Carnegie to pick up their own copy of the Career Roadmap, or can visit the Career Roadmap web page for more information.
The Center for Career & Professional Development will also host a Professionalism Week this April, which will feature events led by both office staff and outside employers who will cover topics such as networking, effective communication and professionalism in the workplace.
“This will be a great chance for students from all class years to learn, directly from employers, what it takes to succeed in today’s workplace,” says Asher.
From a new strategic plan to a new name to a new office space, all the changes the Center for Career & Professional Development has seen over the last several months point toward a holistic approach to career development that will directly and positively impact students and alumni as they plan, prepare and promote their careers.
Learn more about the Center for Career & Professional Development.
by Caitlan Cole
Featured image: The Centre community explores the newly renovated offices of the Center for Career & Professional Development during a recent open house.

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