Center for Career & Professional Develop launches new job and internship recruiting system

Centre College’s Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD) recently introduced Handshake, its new online job and internship recruiting system.

Handshake officially went live for Centre students at the end of June, but there will be an additional launch when the students return in the fall. The new platform will also be available to all Centre alumni.

“Handshake is a relatively new platform that has skyrocketed to prominence in the last couple of years,” said Joy Asher, director of CCPD. “It was created by a group of then-recent college graduates who wanted to address the inequities that existed among recruiting platforms, giving all students access to the same employers and opportunities.”

According to Asher, the platform is being utilized by over 500 colleges and universities, and more than 250,000 employers use it to recruit students and recent graduates for internships and jobs.

“Employers are able to post opportunities to multiple schools with just one click, giving Centre students the same access to internships and jobs as students at Johns Hopkins and Princeton,” she added.

Prior to introducing Handshake, the CCPD used CentreWorks to help students find jobs and internship opportunities. While similar to CentreWorks, Handshake allows jobs to be filtered by major, minor and coursework and makes it easier for students to sign-up for campus events.

“We spent time reviewing Handshake and talking to other schools before deciding to switch,” Asher explained. “In addition to the impressive amount of opportunities that Handshake makes available to students, it’s much more user-friendly than CentreWorks.”

Asher said the layout of the platform has more of a social media feel, the job and internship searches are more customizable, and a mobile app is available.

by Kerry Steinhofer
July 17, 2018

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