Centre admission car wrap makes for one sweet ride

An idea that started off “strictly as an experiment” has shown signs of success.
Many students and faculty members have probably had a chance to catch a glimpse of the Admission Office’s new ride—the car with the Centre wrap on the exterior which is driven to college fairs, conferences and admission trips as a way to promote the College and help Centre stand out in a unique way from other schools.
The original idea for the wrap came from President Roush and was given life by Adam Brown, assistant director of admission for communication, who proved to be the brain behind the design.
Greg Chery, an admission fellow who has gone on a number of visits with the car, reports that there has been noticeable interest in the new look.
“Many people have asked me about it and seem to really enjoy the design,” he says, also adding, “a lot of alums at Homecoming approved of it.”
Chery goes on to acknowledge the convenience that the wrap provides on the visits.
“My favorite aspect of the car is the fact that it tells people our location,” he says.
With such an identifiable new feature, Centre is sure to stick in the minds of college-bound high school teens, as well as parents who see the car out in the community.
Though the car was wrapped about midway through the Admission office’s travel season, the feedback proves to be promising—leaving the possibility for other attention-catching additions next year if the positive responses continue.

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