Centre Athletics unveils new logos

The Centre athletic department announced Thursday the addition of new secondary and tertiary logos, to supplement the existing “C” and wordmarks.

Inspired by the military rank of Colonel insignia and the Kentucky Colonel pin, Centre’s new logos officially replace the vacated “Colonel Head” imagery.

The secondary logo (above) – or “Insignia” – features a right-facing eagle and gold star within a shield, with bold wings to complete the insignia. It can be combined with the existing wordmark, as well, for team- and department-specific use.

The tertiary logo (above) – or “Shield” – is the same logo minus the wings. The different dimensions offer another option for use on apparel, jerseys, signage, digital media, etc.

A representative committee worked for months on the new look, studying the history of the Colonels while exploring numerous visual solutions. George Joplin Jr., class of 1920, coined the “Colonels” moniker, thinking it exemplified dignity, respect and integrity.

The College’s Mission and Values, as outlined by Centre’s brand standards guide, were at the forefront of all committee discussions, as were Joplin’s key terms in defining the Colonels.

The resulting Insignia and Shield logos, therefore, are a compelling visual representation of Centre’s history and the Colonels’ athletic tradition.

“We were presented with a unique challenge, and I believe the end result is a unique, striking and meaningful image that complements the standard ‘C’ logo and existing wordmarks,” said Kyle Piercy, Centre’s director of athletics communications, and chair of the committee. “I am thankful for the time our committee members spent over the last few months working toward this end goal, and want to especially mention Bruce Jones, who was the primary creative force behind the final product.

“The imagery connects powerfully with the history and tradition of Centre College, and we look forward to its adoption by our athletic teams, student body, fans, alumni and other Colonel faithful.”


Are we the “Eagles” now?
No. The “Colonels” moniker was reaffirmed during the recent branding process, and will remain the Centre athletics nickname. The new logos were inspired by the military rank of Colonel insignia and Kentucky Colonel pin, both of which feature an eagle. The eagle signifies dignity, respect and integrity, while the shield indicates strength and security.

What happened to the “Colonel Head” logo?
The “Colonel Head” logo was deemed to be inconsistent with Centre’s Statement of Community and Non-Discrimination Statement by a representative committee, and was actively vacated in the summer of 2018. It is no longer being used by the College or its athletic department, and, in time, will be completely phased out in jerseys, environmental signage, etc.

Who was on the recent committee to form the new logos?
The committee, which formed in December 2018, consisted of faculty, staff, coaches, alumni and students. Director of Athletics Communications and Digital Media, Kyle Piercy, served as Chair of the committee.

Where can I get gear and apparel featuring the new logos?
We are working to get the new logos distributed, and gear/apparel will be available at CentreGear.com and the campus bookstore in the coming weeks.

by Centre College Athletics
July 25, 2019

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