Centre class homes in on transportation as major economic development obstacle for Boyle County

This article was originally published in The Advocate-Messenger.

A struggle to get around

What is holding Boyle County back on economic development? According to a class of Centre College students who spent three weeks intensively researching the topic, a lot of the biggest obstacles to further economic success for the area come back to something that seems relatively basic — getting around.

Lack of affordable transportation — and in some cases, lack of awareness about affordable transportation options that already exist — contribute to many different economic barriers for the area, the students found.

Food insecurity, unemployment, financial stability, quality housing and more are all impacted by poor access to transportation for low-income residents, according to their research.

“Mobility is choice,” said David Baker, one of the students who participated in the special “Centre Term” economics class taught by Dr. Patten Mahler. “When people don’t have that ability to make that choice … it creates another huge barrier for them. Those things are so interlocked, it’s hard to say where one ends and another begins.”

The students presented to a healthy crowd of local government officials and residents at Danville City Hall this week, as the culminating event for their class.

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by Ben Kleppinger
February 5, 2020

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