Centre College to Expand Student Health Center Facility

The Parsons Student Health Center at Centre College is set to undergo renovation and expansion in an effort to provide an improved experience for students seeking medical and counseling services on campus.

An addition to the front entrance of the existing space on the east end of Sutcliffe Hall, Centre’s athletics and recreation facility, will provide three new offices for counselors and ensure privacy and confidentiality for students.

Vice President and Dean of Student Life Randy Hays welcomes the project.

“Over the years, as demand for our counseling services has increased, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to add staff to meet the need,” Hays said. “However, the space where we’ve been able to expand into is located right under a gymnasium. During counseling sessions, the noise of dribbling basketballs and other activity can be distracting.”

Another benefit to the expansion, Hays observed, is that two of the three former counseling offices can be given back to the student health services staff, allowing them to spread out to some of the areas they had to consolidate over the years to make room for the counselors.

“Wellness at Centre is a top priority and a comprehensive endeavor,” President John A. Roush emphasized.

“This addition to Parsons, connected as it is to Sutcliffe—the College’s primary space for physical fitness—allows our students to be in a position to take care of themselves in mind, body and spirit,” Roush added.

According to Wayne King, director of facilities management, the approximately 800-square-foot expansion and renovation project will start by the end of February, with completion anticipated just prior to College commencement exercises on Sunday, May 22.

by Michael Strysick
February 10, 2016

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