Centre College faculty and alumni giving each ranked #5 in nation by U.S. News

The U.S. News & World Report “Best Undergraduate Teaching” rankings are out, and Centre College is listed as #5 in the nation for liberal arts colleges. Centre was also ranked #5 in the nation for alumni giving and was named #31 on the U.S. News & World Report ranking of “Best Values.”
The “Best Undergraduate Teaching” ranking places Centre just behind Davidson, Carleton, Grinnell and Oberlin colleges, but ahead of institutions such as Swarthmore, Williams, Amherst and Pomona.
This represents an improvement of 10 spots over last year’s ranking of #15 in the nation.
“Many colleges have a strong commitment to teaching undergraduates instead of graduate-level research,” writes U.S. News. “Based on a survey conducted in spring 2012,” the ranked schools “received the most votes from top college administrators as paying a particular focus on undergraduate teaching.”
Centre’s president, Dr. John A. Roush, says the ranking is testament to the fact that Centre is a place “where great teaching is prized.”
“Our approach to education is intensely personal and deeply engaging,” he adds. “Centre faculty consistently go above and beyond to offer a truly transformative experience for our young men and women.”
Dr. Stephanie Fabritius, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College is quick to affirm the ranking.
“Centre College places a high value on excellence in teaching,” she says, “and Centre professors take this charge very seriously. Not only do our faculty engage in discussions to explore new and engaging teaching methods and attend workshops and conferences on teaching, they also frequently take the risk to experiment with new ideas.
“Our faculty also bring their own scholarship into the classroom,” she continues. “In the process, they expand the arena of their teaching space to engage with students in activities such as collaborative or guided research, community-based learning, internships, study-abroad, and smaller group theory and art camps.”
Centre’s #5 national ranking for alumni giving is up one spot from last year.
Ahead of Centre were Thomas Aquinas with a 59 percent alumni giving rate, Carleton at 58 percent, Williams at 58 percent and Amherst at 57 percent. Centre tied Middlebury College for the #5 spot at 55 percent.
This follows a consistent pattern of strong giving over several decades that places Centre alumni among the most supportive and generous in the nation.
This past year, for instance, giving exceeded 50 percent not only among alumni but also parents and the senior class, a fact that may be unique to Centre alone among the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. As well, overall giving during the 2011-12 fiscal year reached $18 million, the College’s single highest giving amount in a year not associated with a capital campaign.

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